Tipp City Council passes rezoning ordinance

TIPP CITY — An ordinance regarding rezoning a parcel and a resolution allowing the city to provide tax incentives to commercial and industrial properties were unanimously passed at Monday’s meeting.

Ordinance 18-20 amends the Zoning Code and map attached by changing the zoning of inlot 2349 located at 425 West Kerr Road from Office Services to Light Industrial zoning classification. The ordinance was introduced to council at the Oct. 5 meeting.

“The 5-acre parcel where the current Power Solutions Group is located — ultimately this is a rezoning at the request of the city in cooperation with the owner there. This will essentially correct the existing, underlying zoning to allow the current user to continue on and not be non-conforming. The use is essentially an industrial service organization, which is a permitted use of light industrial, but current zoning is off of service. It would also help to make it compliant with the current comprehensive master development plan,” Community Development Manager Matt Spring said.

The ordinance passed in a 7-0 vote.

Resolution 55-20 establishes Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) No. 10 and allows the city the ability to provide tax incentives to commercial and industrial properties consistent with the applicable zoning regulations within the designated CRA No. 10.

CRA No. 10 includes the north and south sides of I-71, and all properties along South Garber Drive.

“This would allow commercial properties to take advantage of a tax abatement,” Tipp City Manager Tim Eggleston said. “We’re asking council to approve CRA No. 10.”

Councilmember Frank Scenna asked if residential properties would be excluded from CRAs unless they were located next to established CRAs.

“Part of the CRA is residential initiatives. Somebody could approach us and say, ‘I want to create a CRA district for this.’ We could do that,” Eggleston said.

The resolution passed in a 7-0 vote.

Tipp City resident Abby Bowling informed council about the high level of activity at City Park and that directional signs guiding park-goers to public restrooms open at the park could be helpful.

“For the last month, (the park) has been used a lot by young children because of the pandemic. The park has been used for people eating lunches under the shelters, and I understand, we even had a funeral out there, because of the pandemic. I would like to see if you would maybe consider installing a directional sign to the public bathrooms in the playground area. A lot of young families don’t realize that they are available. They think it’s part of the stadium, and if nothing’s going on, they assume it’s locked,” Bowling said. “I think it would be helpful if we could maybe put (signage up).”

Council President Katelyn Berbach said that they would make note of the issue.

Under comments from council members, Tipp City Mayor Joseph Gibson brought up the capital improvement levy that will appear on the ballot for Tipp City residents voting in the general election.

“I want to remind people that there is no increase in taxes if you vote yes on that levy. Please get educated on that, as well as all the candidates. Early voting is going on right now at the courthouse. You can vote absentee, early voting, or in person, so there really isn’t any excuse (not to vote),” Gibson said. “There’s a lot at stake up and down the ticket, whether it’s sheriff, or county commissioner, or any of the local races, so please involve yourself.”

The next council meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 2 at 7:30 p.m.