Miami County Real Estate Transactions


NVR Inc. to Nathaniel O’Brien, Stacy O’Brien, one lot, $329,000.

David Burtner, Sue Burtner to Donald Divens, Joanne Divens, one lot, $348,500.

Albert MOrrie to Michaeyn Rowe, Nicholas Rowe, one lot, $198,500.

Jared Cole, Kristina Cole to Joshua Deaville, one lot, $178,800.

Daniel Mader, Katharine Mader to Michael Berning, Sarina Berning, one lot, $300,000.

Michael Berning, Sarina Berning to Andrew Wiley, Kristina Wiley, $152,000.

Adam Jetter, Jessica Etter, Jordan Etter, Joshua Etter, Laura Etter to Susan Etter, one lot, $0.

M. Elizabeth Girolamo, M. Elizabeth Marshall to Brianna Adams, Jason Adams, one lots, $147,300.

Billie Shroyer, Carl Shroyer to Shroyer Family Revocable Trust, one lot, $0.

Cynthia Cathcart to Jordan Holscher, one lot, $142,500.

Scott Evans, Tara Evans to Todd Emrick Jr., part lot, $146,000.

Andrew Ohls, Daniela Ohls to Robert Winner, two part lots, $220,000.

Lisa Denson, Shane Denson to Aaron Morrison, one lot $239,000.

Angelia Anderson, James Anderson, Angelia Wiley to Christopher Robbins, Michelle Robbins, one lot, $222,5000.

Rhonda Mazzulla, Scott Mazzulla to Colin Glover, one lot, $230,900.

Gregg Family Investments to Billie Trammell, Michael Trammell, one lot, $599,900.

Halifax Land Company to Harlow Builders, three lots, $100,700.

Alecia Drouhard, Todd Drouhard to Hillcrest Rentals, one lot, $0.

Richard Pierce Investments to Caleb Pierce, a part lot, $85,000.

Mark Roger Enterprises to Seven Star Properties, one lot, $214,000.


Tina Ferguson to Joshua Earick, Lacie Earick, one lot, $115,000.

Boston National Tittle LLC, attorney in fact, Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, a part lot, $0.

Gerald Born, Marjorie Born to Derrick Gullett, Tasha Potts, one lot, $130,000.

Teeters Real Estate Investments to Rebecca Stanford, Steven Stanford, one lot, $39,500.

Rick Rouse, Roberta Rouse to Jenifer Quillen, one lot, $89,900.

Anthony Hubbard, Jody Hubbard to Brian Windle, Sharon WIndle, one lot, $133,000.

Nancy Ortlieb, Timothy Ortlieb to Ryan Martin, a part lot, $83,000.

Angela Smith, Christopher Smith to Christine Freytag, one lot, $149,900.

Chase Underwood, Jesse Underwood to John Dziech, Kathy Dziech, one lot, $170,000.

Douglas Lillicrap, Jacqueline Lillicrap to Kaitland Williams, one lots, $83,000.

Tanya Stewart to Jessica Hale, one lot, $149,900.

Benanzer Development IV Ltd. to Robinson Benanzer Development LLC, a part lot, $0.

Benanzer Development IV Ltd. to Robinson Benanzer Development LLC, a part lot, $0.

Janae James, Richard James to Heidi McRae, one lot, $140,000.


401K FBO Terrie Pattee Acct., Chateua Management Group Inc. to Charles Abban Sr., three lots, $16,000.


AR Castro Properties to Kandace Beckman, Christian Bux, one lot, $124,000.


Estate of James Minnich to Joyce Minnich, two part lots, $0.

Sara Pohlschneider, James Tobias, Sara Tobias to Jenell Havenar, Zachary Havenar, one part lot, $46,900.


Carolyn Grimm, Wesley Grimm, Carol Hacker, Eric Hacker to Woodhaven Investment Properties, one lot, $70,000.


Eric Kreinbrink, Meisha Kreeinbrink to Shawna Hogle, Timothy Hoble, one lot, $415,000.

Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc., one lot, $61,000.

Fieldstone Partners to Claude Lewis, Linda Lewis, one lot, $72,000.

Jeremy Julian to Tracy Evans, one lot, $345,000.

JCG Property Renovations to Matthew Hanselman, two lots, $160,000.

Mirian Comer to SKL Holding LLC, one lot, $121,000.

Wesley Welbuam, Lisa White to Thomas Bleigh, Heidi Parker, one lot, $108,500.

John Whitaker, Kandus Whitaker to Rhonda Mazzulla, Scott Mazzulla, one lot, $365,000.


John Hollobaugh to Roschelle Cruz, John Hollobaugh, one lot, $0.

Sandra Luke to Larry Wheeler, Mary Wheeler, one lot, $102,500.

Robert butler to Angela Butler, one lot, $91,000.


D. R. Horton-Indiana LLC to Peter Wasik, Sandi Wasik, two lots, $315,000.

Sara Johnson to Ravshan Abudullayev, Elvira Abdullayeva, two lots, $312,000.

NVR Inc. to James Davern, Lindsey Davern, two lots, $378,000.

NVR inc. to Dana D’Agostino, Dominic D’Agostino, one lot, $242,200.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,800.


John Boyd to Gertrude Boyd, 2.446 acres, $0.

Elise Lostutter, Ryan Lostuttter to Michelle Bolin, Nicole Preisler, 2.249 acres, $298,000.

Derek Scott Fink, Jenna Fink to Andrew Daneman, Suzanna Daneman, one lot, $250,000.

Mark Klaus, Paulette Klaus to Cameron More, Leann More, 0.717 acre, $230,000.


Ashley Demmitt, Todd Demmit to David Motter, Juanita Motter, two part lots, one lot, $215,000.


Brent Castle, Rhian Castle to Andrew Ohls, Daniela Ohls, one lot, $374,000.

Board of Township Trustees of Concord Township to James Mortell, Pamela Mortell, Pamela Mortell Revocable Intervivios Trust, $0.

Charles Hackett Revocable Living Trust, Charles Hackett to Bryan Hackett, trustee, Irrevocable Living Trust Charles Hackett, one lot, $0.

Jason McCoy, Karlea McCoy to Jason McCoy, Karlea McCoy, McCoy Family Revocable Living Trust, $0.

Teresa White, Timothy White to Brenda Ciribassi, 2.106 acres, $52,500. D


Kimberly Campbell-Elliott, Dale Elliott to Hauser Contracting Service Inc., 1.006 acre, $48,000.


Patricia Kretschmer to True North Group Ltd., 0.999 acre, $130,000.

Karl Kretschmer to Patricia Kretschmer, 0.999 acre, $0.

Lola Rowan to Trevor Luckenbill, one lot, $130,000.

Kathleen Monroe, Steven Monroe to Chloe Shell, Seth Thompson, 5.641 acres

Blair Group Land Company to Dance Frost-Hoskins, Matthew Hoskins, 1.198 acres, $229,900.

Alice Michaelson to Christopher Stocker, Kathy Stocker, one lot, $245,000.

Mary Lou to Mary Lou Stevenson, Stevenson Family Revocable Living Trust, one lot, $0.

Heidi Silvers, Tim Silvers to Seth Dorman, Tracy Dorman, one lot, $280,000.

Juanita Berry to David Berry, 1.420 acres, $0.


Danny Cantrill to Kirk Robbins, 0.728 acre, $175,000.

James Schlenzt, trustee, Schlenzt Family Trust to James Schlenzt, 4.935 acres, $0.


Claudia McGriff, Philip McGriff, one lot, $0.

Claudia McGriff, Philip McGriff, one lot, $0.

Claudia McGriff, Philip McGriff to Liki Tiki II, LLC, one lot, $0.


Frank Boyd, Tina Boyd to Frank Schaefer, 4.0 acres, $250,000.

Donald Ott, Shirley Ott to Russell Hamby, 3.487 acres, $150,000.


Amy Hill, Russell Hill to Ashley Beldisle, Ryan Whitney, 2.002 acres, $115,000.