Don’t fix what’s not broken

To the Editor:

During this period of political rhetoric, we’ve heard lots of terms used and many are confused as to the meaning of some. There are certainly some that are being used in a derogatory manner. Because I am often confused — I’m 90 years old — I looked up the meaning of socialism. Wikipedia gives the following, “a political and economic system of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution and exchange would be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

Many of us have heard candidates for the presidency, e.g. Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, advocate such a change in our government. They didn’t get very far.

The voters rejected those ideas out of hand. Why? Because we already heave a very good form of government. Winston Churchill said, “Democracy is a terrible form of government except for all the others.” We have crafted from others a plan of governing ourselves; to wit, the French, the British. The Spanish and others, too numerous to mention, including those who first occupied this land. From a long period of time and error over a time from the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors who left their mark on what is now Florida and California.

Over a span of now seven centuries, ones who were seeking a way of governing themselves and promoting the welfare of the inhabitants melded the various philosophies contributed ones from all over the beautiful ball twirling in place.

Nobody knows enough to overturn the learning of 700 years of flops, failures and moments of epiphany when we stumbled upon something that works.

For heaven’s sake, leave it as it is. It is a democracy.

— Benjamin E. Hiser