Power 107.1FM rebrands to focus on charity

MIAMI COUNTY — A local radio station is connecting local businesses to local nonprofits through its airwaves with a mission to benefit the community through its underwriting funds.

Formerly known as Troy Community Radio, 107.1 FM is now known as Power 107.1 FM with its mission of “empowering local non-profits.”

“Non-Profit radio allows us the flexibility to do what every local radio station should do — give back to its community,” said General Manager Scott Hornberger. “While we do provide a voice and platform for businesses, corporations, high school athletics, local news, community events, weather, and nonprofits, we take it to another level — we give back monetarily to non-profits in partnership with local business and corporations. We can provide a voice, a platform, and monetarily donate.”

Hornberger started Troy Community Radio as an online streaming station in September of 2012 in his downtown Troy apartment. Two years later, the station was awarded a low power FM license and was assigned to the frequency 107.1 FM. In 2014, Hornberger said the station outgrew his apartment and moved to 315 Public Square of the Haars’ building in downtown Troy, where it continues to do business and broadcast from.

Hornberger said the main difference between the former name and the station’s new focus is that Power 107.1 is officially a 501c3 not-for-profit radio station.

“We not only provide a voice and platform for nonprofits, but we also actively raise funds for our local nonprofits in partnership with local businesses and corporations,” he said. “Businesses and corporations can purchase underwriting messages to be placed on the station describing what non-profit they are sponsoring, along with information about their business. A portion of the proceeds paid for the underwriting messages goes back to the local nonprofit that the participating business or corporation chooses.”

Other than its nonprofit status and mission, the station features its same programming including local news, weather, high school sports, and continues to be involved in community events including live remote broadcasts throughout the county. Hornberger said once restrictions are lifted, the station will do live fundraising broadcasts for nonprofits from local businesses.

The station’s reach can be heard throughout Miami County and also can be accessed worldwide with a live stream on its website at www.power1071.org. The station also features a variety of music from the 1960s to today’s hits.

The station features a week-day daily morning show with Lori Younce, who often invites local guests to share information about their programs, business, local events, and nonprofits.

If a non-profit would like to partner with Power 107.1 FM, contact the station on its website at www.power1071.org, click the contact tab and send an email. The station also has an app that can be found by searching “Power 107.1 WTJN” and or find the station on Facebook at Power 107.1.