Jones challenges Powell for 80th District

MIAMI COUNTY — Ted Jones, retired factory manager from Piqua, is challenging incumbent Republican Jena Powell of Darke County for the 80th district Ohio House of Representatives seat.

Jones’ political experience includes being appointed to the Hanover Township, Northampton County Pa., Planning Commission, and serving as vice president on the commission.

Jones said he’s qualified to hold office because of his life experiences.

“I believe that 30 years working as a manufacturing manager coupled with my service working on our township planning commission would qualify me to run for state representative,”he said. “My planning commission service created opportunities to work with lawyers, contractors, and engineers on large scale infrastructure projects and put me in contact with local and state government agencies.”

Jones is a United States Coast Guard Veteran. He volunteered for service after high school during the Vietnam War.

“I served a total of six years, four years of active duty, and two years of reserve duty, and received my honorable discharge in 1971,” he said “I received the Good Conduct Service Medal, Vietnam Era Service Medal, Arctic Service Medal, and the United States Coast Guard Sea Service Ribbon.”

Jones said he’s seeking the Ohio House of Representative 80th district seat because he “truly believes that we are severely underrepresented in our district.”

“We have a representative that has largely ignored the vast majority of voters in our district,” he said. “The successes that (Powell) claims about lowering taxes largely benefit businesses, and not working people. The Heartbeat bill she claims as a success was defeated in Federal Court. House Bill 197 was a bill that Rep. Derek Merrrin and Rep. Jenna Powell overhauled to make it easier for businesses to get public money to help grow their businesses. The bill was streamlined but to benefit who?”

Jones said he thinks Powell has aligned her interests “with the powerful in our state legislature, and those who seem to demonstrate a lack of competent and ethical judgment.”

Jones said his interests lie with those that are hard working and trying to do the best that they can for their families like himself.

Another reason Jones said he’s seeking public office is because of the corruption in the state legislature.

“Corruption is an ongoing sideshow in our state legislature and the time to end it is now,” he said. “Tags like ‘CoinGate,’ and the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow and now the Householder scam. Bribery, money laundering, and influence pedaling were traded to pass favorable legislation related to the First Energy bailout scheme — all at taxpayer expense.”

Jones also said, “Let’s make no mistake, Jena Powell materially benefited from her association with Larry Householder. It’s a matter of public record that Powell received, and accepted, large sums of money from Householder and his campaign organization, as well as his supporters like Murray Energy Corp., a company that was also named in the FBI’s investigation of Householder and his supporters. Breaking the public trust should carry consequences.”

Jones said his goals if he wins the seat will be to “work with like-minded Republicans and Democrats to develop plans to restore our state’s economy;” to restore funding cuts to Medicaid and public education; to reduce taxes on working families, and “to make sure that Ohio’s farmers are not forgotten when it comes to taking advantage of tax incentives. Jones also said he will fully support and improve the current CAUV (Current Agriculture Use Value).

Jones said the greatest need facing lawmakers today is deciding how to mitigate the transmission of the Covid-19 virus until a vaccine is available.

“Until we do, we won’t be able to reach our full potential economically or conduct our lifestyles in a near-normal way,” he said. “We know more about the virus than we did at the beginning of the year. However, this virus is an opportunistic virus that will continue to spread its disease at every opportunity. Without adequate testing, we don’t know who is spreading the Covid-19 virus to us, or our families. Our only defense is to continue to wear masks and maintain adequate distances as well as observing sanitary protocols to keep ourselves free of the virus.”

Jones said what sets him apart from Jena Powell is his “leadership and sound judgment.”

“Holding public office is a trust and a responsibility,” he said. “Some people take satisfaction in posing for pictures; I take satisfaction from getting things done … Unlike Jena Powell, I’m not imbued by personal power or wealth, nor am I intimidated by those who possess it.”

Incumbent Jena Powell is a business owner and current local state representative from Darke County. She has served one term in office, taking her first oath of office in 2019.

Powell said she’s seeking to be re-elected to continue working hard to fight for the community and represent them well.

“I am pro-life, pro-second amendment, and pro-business,” she said. “For the last two years, I have fought for lower taxes, fewer regulations, and to preserve your family’s freedom.”

Powell said if she’s re-elected, she’ll “continue working on meaningful legislation to protect your freedoms.”

“My goal is to make Ohio the most business-friendly state in the nation; we need to remove excessive regulations and cut taxes,” she said. “Additionally, I am passionate about pro-life, pro-family policy, so your family can live in freedom.”

Powell said the greatest need in the state is the governor’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The largest issue in our state is the governor’s mandates and orders statewide due to COVID-19,” she said. “We need to revise the code the governor and director of health are using. Ohioans are suffering from this government overreach and we must protect the freedom of Ohioans and trust them to make smart personal decisions.”

Powell said what sets her apart from her opponent are her conservative Republican values.

“As a conservative Republican, I trust the American people,” she said. “I believe in protecting their freedom. Over the past two years in office, I fought for lower taxes, business reform, pro-life, and pro-second amendment policies. If elected, I am thrilled to fight for Ohio’s 80th House District for another term.”