Kennedy has compassion, experience

To the Editor:

In Ohio we decide who serves us at the Ohio Supreme Court and I ask you to re-elect my friend Justice Sharon L. Kennedy. She has 34 years of diverse professional experience, from police officer to attorney to Butler County Domestic Relations judge to now justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. While her resume alone proves she is uniquely qualified to serve another term at the Supreme Court, it is her work beyond the bench that shows her compassionate heart.

As a justice, she spends a significant part of her personal time furthering her Lean Forward initiative which advances the treatment of servicemembers and veterans who have found their way into the criminal justice system because of the invisible wounds of war. For the past five years she has been educating judges, probation and parole officers, sheriffs, and many others on the treatment options available for our military members.

So when you ask yourself what kind of person do you want serving you at the Supreme Court of Ohio. The answer is easy — you want a person with diverse experience, a person with a compassionate heart that works to help our veterans — you want Sharon L. Kennedy.


— David J. Caldwell