Miami County Marriages

Odilkhon Tashtanov, 36, of 6012 Buttonbush Street, Tipp City to Farida Tursunovna Ismailova, 31, of same address.

Chelsea Ann McGraw, 27, of 1360 Covent Road, Troy to Michael Paul Staton, 30, of same address.

Christopher Ryan Cullers, 35, of 1715 South Street, Piqua to Ashley Marie Cooper, 33, of same address.

Caleb Dwayne Tucker, 29, of 7677 Alcony-Conover Road, Conover to K.C. Irene Burke, 25, of same address.

Jeffrey Joseph Richer III, 36, of 32, of Levassor Avenue Apt. 2, Covington, Ky. To Angelicia Marie Latham, 31, of same address.

William D. Dickey, 31, of 1502 Chesire Road, Troy, to Jesseka M. Lazzaro, 29, of same address.

Ronald Wyatt Long, 60, of 202 N. Wall St., Covington, to Vicki Lyn Blei, 52, of 109 Vine St., Covington.

Wayne Allen Werling, 23, of 5670 Piqua-Clayton Road, Piqua, to Gabrielle Nicole Bradford, 21, of same address.

Wesley Dean Miller, 26, of 277 Pleasant Point Drive, Beaufort, S.C., to Danya Kay Gioello, 27, of 7677 Peters Road, Tipp City.

Thomas Gregory Duncan, 31, of 7070 Mote Road, West Milton, to Cory Laine Rittenhouse, 30, of 19 N. Frank St., Troy.

Matthew Gregory King, 31, of 3285 Stauffer Road, Laura, to Katie Marie Laux, 28, 811 W. Main St., Tipp City.

Roger Lee Crabtree, 51, of 3475 Lilace Lane, Apt. E, Troy, to Judy Jo Bryant, 48, of same address.

Jacob Allen Murphy, 27, of 830 McKaig Ave., Troy, to Michaela Nicole Baker, 25, of same address.

Chad Michael Hatcher, 35, of 213 E. Greene St. , Piqua, to Amber Shemil Blanton, 40, of same address.

Ramazan Khasanovich Safarov, 24, of 2621 Blueflag Court, Tipp City, to Alfiya Kamilovna Shirinova, 20, of same address.