Presidential election about trust, character

To the Editor:

We see in our country today a nation in turmoil and chaos. We find ourselves in the midst of a health pandemic costing thousands of lives, an economy in ruins and record unemployment causing extreme hardships for all. We see unwarranted murders of black people by police officers using heinous, unspeakable acts of beatings, shootings and, suffocations that have led to continual rioting in the streets with massive destruction of property in cities all across the country.

Our planet is poisoned more every day by climate change. There are repeated attempts to suppress the constitutional rights of all citizens to vote. Trump has responded from the very beginning downplaying, covering up and lying repeatedly to us the very real dangers inherent to the COVD-19 flu, resulting in the death of 200,000-plus American lives. He walked away from the WHO, leaving other countries desperately trying to develop a vaccine, choosing for the U.S to go it alone. He has refused or is incapable of understanding that for the economy to recover, we must first get control of the pandemic crisis. His bungling has resulted in record unemployment and severe economic hardships. He has ignored his own health experts on pandemic protocols while holding large political rallies.

His constant inflammatory, incendiary racial rhetoric has only exacerbated the racial strife felt by us all. He is the only president in history to not make attempts to unite our country during a time of crisis. Trump thinks climate change is just another hoax, pulling the U.S. out of the Paris agreement and initiative of 196 member countries fighting against climate change. He has continually made unwarranted, baseless claims of voter fraud and the integrity of our election processes. All of this in Trump’s America and on his watch with the blame falling directly on his shoulders. None of this is fake news. The flames of our discontent are fanned by his unceasing diatribe of racial epithets, lies, and deceit.

Trust is paramount in any relationship, a marriage, business or personal partnership with your president. How can we trust a man of such irresponsibility, who has lied to us 20,000-plus times while in office, who lacks any semblance of judgment in character while 7 people he appointed to positions within his staff are convicted criminals. How can a man of these undeniable character flaws be trusted to handle the next, and there will be a next national crisis? We could expect nothing less than his past performances. There is but one choice in the November presidential election. Vote Biden/Harris and trust.

— Chuck Petty