Troy Police Department reports

Information filed by the Troy Police Department:

Sept. 25

JUVENILE ISSUE AT BK: A manager reported three juvenile females were fighting at Burger King. All three were charged with disorderly conduct and unruly juvenile offenses.

DAMAGE: Criminal damage was reported in the 900 block of Jefferson Street.

Sept. 26

OPEN CONTAINER: Mechia Linton, 22, of Troy, was charged with an open container in the area of South Stanfield and West Main Street.

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: Jeffrey Caudill, 33, of Dayton, was charged with criminal damage in the 200 block of Mulberry Street.

Sept. 27

OVI: An officer stopped a vehicle in the area of East Staunton and Maplecrest Drive for traffic violations. William Baptist, 24, of Troy, was charged for OVI.

OVERDOSE: An officer responded to the 1200 block of Hilltop Drive for an apparent overdose. Walter Raiff, 2o, of Troy, was revived with Naloxone and charged with inducing panic.

Sept. 28

DAMAGE: A street lamp in the southwest quadrant of the public square was damaged.

OVERDOSE: A subject in the 1200 block of Lee Road reported they “took too much meth.” The subject was hospitalized and substances were sent to the lab for tests.

Sept. 30

THEFT: Theft reported at the West Market Street Dollar General.