Use the mute function

To the Editor:

In this time of COVID-19 many of us have experienced a new way of communicating with each other through Zoom and other computer assisted technologies.

One of the features of these technologies is the mutefunction which allows people to eliminate unwanted, disruptful, background noise so everyone can more easily understand the comments and ideas each person shares during a respectful conversation.

The future presidential debates should make use of this function so that the people who are tuning in can hear what is being said in answer to specific questions on specific topics.

It is a poor reflection on us and our country when the person we will be electing to serve in our highest office is unable to contain themselves and respectfully listen to another’s point of view for a mere 2 minutes.

Now that we know that is the case, however, we should make use of the mute technology to ensure the listeners have an uninterrupted opportunity to hear from each of the candidates so they can more knowledgably elect the person who will be working for them for the next four years.

— William Wilson