Switching support to Jones

To the Editor:

It is a sad day in Ohio. The political climate in the state has never been more turbulent than it is right now, and never more so than right here in the 80th Ohio House District.

I voted for Jena Powell when she first ran because she put forth a good agenda. I am now sorry that I did. Since the coronavirus epidemic set in, she and the other representatives and senators in Columbus have not done one thing, that’s right, I said not one thing, to stop our tyrannical governor from destroying our state’s economy.

She and other representatives have done nothing but grandstand, and accept dirty money. Don’t believe me? Search her campaign donations on the Secretary of State’s website, or do a public records request for them, and you will discover that one of her campaign donors was FirstEnergy PAC.

They have, of course, been implicated in the recent bribery scandal involving former Speaker Householder and HB6. It could be said that she did not know the money was dirty, and that is probably so. But, to even have the perception of impropriety when it comes to such things as this destroys all credibility with me, and it should with you, the citizens of Miami County who

Ms. Powell is supposed to represent. It is also sad that Ms. Powell does not believe citizens have the right to remove politicians who do not do the will of those who elected them except at a regular election. I’ll go into detail about that in another letter. Suffice it to say, in the upcoming election, Jena Powell will not be getting my vote. Instead, I will be supporting Ted Jones for the 80th District Representatives seat.

— Bradley Boehringer