Reader disagrees with columnist

To the Editor:

I have enjoyed your words over the years, Mr. Lindeman. Today (9/19/20) though, I was saddened by your Third party notations.

In today’s Dayton Daily News there is an editorial by Gail Collins on Third party wannabes that, as you well know, have absolutely no chance of winning. Her sentiments ought to be touted loud and clear to voters unwilling to make the tough choice and who might tend to cop out by writing in a name of a won’t-be wannabe. I am a registered Republican who will vote for Biden unashamedly. It is the right thing to do. I hope you grasp the significance of your words and the impact they might have on some voters who, because of your words, will throw their vote away.

Though many may not contemplate just how dire our selection is this year to our greatly divided democracy (that will only become more divided and less honest than it is currently under this despicable character who degrades all who oppose him with vengeance), writers like you need to take on the mantle to inform and educate. We cannot afford to attempt to not offend others by pointing out the flaws and nastiness of Trump. The future of your children, grandchildren, etc. … ought to inspire you and give you the courage to enlighten those that might listen. Your attempt at humor, if that’s what it was, might be seen by too many as a green light to throw their vote away.

Maybe in your next article you might speak openly to Republicans, pointing out that above all they are Americans who must do their part in trying to cement the tenets of our democracy for future generations, even if it means crossing over for a time to rid ourselves of this narcissitic immoral man. His ability to divide needs to be challenged. Hope you are up to the task.

— Robert Matthew Di-Angelo