Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information filed by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Sept. 19

WELDER GONE: Reporting party advised an unknown subject removed a welder that had been sitting on the north side of his residence in Ludlow Falls. There are no leads or suspects. The owner advised he will attempt to get a serial and model number for the welder.

THEFT: A deputy was advised that the reporting party’s vehicle was being worked on at Used Car Factory in Troy, OH. Upon receiving his vehicle back, he noticed the loose change in his cup holders was missing. He then looked in his trunk when he arrived at the home and noticed that all of his electrical work gear was also missing. At that time, he informed his brother about the incident due to him knowing workers at Used Car Factory. His brother made contact with one of the salesmen and that salesman passed the information on to a manager who stated it would be looked into. Case pending further information.

Sept. 20

OVI: It was found the driver tried to back out of a driveway but backed into the ditch and got stuck. The driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol and had two children in the car during the incident. The driver, Sydney Grothouse, was arrested for OVI and Child Endangering

Sept. 21

TRAILER THEFT: A deputy was dispatched to Greenlee Road, Newton Twp. for a theft complaint. The homeowner stated his 5’x8’ trailer was stolen from his residence sometime between Sept. 20 and today It is a black open 5×8 trailer with a mesh bottom and mesh gate that has a 1 7/8” tongue. He stated that he has always left the trailer sitting in front of a detached garage and always rested the tongue of the trailer on his yard roller. He stated he saw the trailer yesterday, went to use it to transport his mower today, and realized it was no longer there. The deputy entered the trailer into LEADS as stolen, and put out a BOLO for the trailer to all adjacent counties. Case pending.

BUS STOP ISSUE: A deputy responded to the Troy Schools Transportation Department in reference to someone passing while the school bus was receiving or discharging passengers. The bus driver at the time was a Danielle Sedan. She advised a

young male in a red Chevy Impala. Danielle provided me with a School Bus Red Lights Violation form. Danielle also provided me with the video footage of the incident. The listed vehicle came back to a Joseph Franke out of Covington, OH.

The deputy advised Joseph of the matter involving his vehicle running school bus red lights. Joseph advised it was him and by the time he saw the lights, it was too late. The deputy cited Joseph for running the school bus red lights. Joseph was provided with his copy of the citation. The video footage was placed into evidence and in the case file.

THEFT: A deputy responded to a theft complaint at the Miami County Incarceration Facility (IF). Inmate Gary Caldwell had some clothing stolen off his bunk while he was collecting dinner. Video surveillance shows inmate Simuel Hummons removing the clothing from the bunk. It is alleged that the clothing was dispersed between other inmates, and not recovered. Inmate Simuel Hummons will be charged with one count of theft.

ESCAPE: On September 17, inmate Holly Greaser was taken to the Kettering Hospital and then furloughed until released from her treatment. She was provided furlough paperwork and was informed she would be taken back to jail upon her release from the hospital. A copy of the furlough paperwork with Holly’s signature will be added to the case file. On Friday, September 18, 2020, Carol Foster received information that Holly Greaser was being discharged on Saturday, September 19, 2020, and that ‘the Atrium” would contact 911 for her return to the county jail. Carol stated that when she returned to work on Monday, September 21, 2020, Holly Greaser was not in custody and contacted Kettering Atrium, who informed her that Holly was released from the hospital on Saturday.

THEFT: A Union Twp. resident reported the theft of their checkbook. The checkbook was located by Eaton Police Department during a traffic stop. The victim requested a report so Eaton PD could file a charge of receiving stolen property.

Sept. 22

ASSAULT: Two inmates at the Incarceration Facility were charged with assault.

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: A deputy did a building check at 291 Children’s Home Road, Casstown on the David L. Brown Youth Center. While checking the building, the deputy noticed a large stream of water draining from the doorway of the building. Upon further investigation, it was found that the building had been broken into and a significant amount of damage had been done to the building. Evidence was collected from the scene to be analyzed. This case is pending.

Sept. 23

SRO: SRO Karn responded to the report of a juvenile refusing to go to school in the village of Pleasant Hill.

FRAUD: A resident in the 1300 block of Troy Urbana Road, Staunton Twp. reported a subject ordered a cappuccino machine on their military exchange account.

Sept. 24

THEFT: A deputy responded to the 4000 block of N. County Road 25-1, Washington Twp. for a theft complaint of a 20-foot enclosed trailer. The trailer contained equipment and materials used for interstate construction. A broken Master lock was located at the location where the trailer was parked. Case pending.

THEFT OF PROPERTY: A deputy responded to the village of Fletcher in reference to an ex-employee trying to sell construction items that were not his on Facebook. The employee was terminated from his employment and had somehow acquired several pieces of siding that he was trying to sell. Case pending.