Absentee ballot efforts supported

To the Editor:

I want to pass along my experience in attempting to buy stamps this morning. I first stopped at the Tipp City post office, before opening, to use their 24-hour self-service. To my surprise, there wasn’t anything in the self-service area any longer that would allow me to buy postage. I next stopped at an ATM for my bank and discovered purchasing stamps through that process has also been discontinued. Finally, I was able to buy stamps at the Troy post office’s self-service area.

With all the emphasis for mail-in ballots in this election, would you agree with me that this type of experience would definitely discourage voters from attempting to mail their ballots? I’ve also heard that the ballots themselves may require additional postage (assuming the voter can find stamps) which may cause some votes to be missed for insufficient postage.

I appreciate the efforts of the Secretary of State to attempt to pay the postage for all ballots which would eliminate the problems I experienced today. I also believe additional drop boxes would be beneficial in allowing voters like me, who are over 65 and concerned about the virus, to be able to cast our ballots without unnecessarily risking contact with someone who might be a carrier.

I believe the efforts to pay for ballot postage and making use of additional drop boxes should be supported regardless of party affiliation. The news seems to indicate these are Democratic concerns. However, I’ve only received mailings, with ballot request forms, from Republican sources (3 already) encouraging me to act now to request and mail-in my vote.

I am concerned that only authentic ballots are counted but I also believe all effort should be taken to gather the ballots as easy and safely as possible. Once ballots are received, the proper protocols should be in place for determining their authenticity and achieving an accurate count.

— William Wilson