Stouder Memorial Foundation awards funds

MIAMI COUNTY — The Stouder Memorial Foundation was established 23 years ago to support organizations who provide health care services in Miami County and has since awarded $3.5 million to over 30 charitable organizations.

During the last quarterly meeting, the Stouder Memorial Foundation Advisory Committee awarded $5,000 to Prevent Blindness Ohio to assist in funding their Vision Care Outreach program in Miami County. These funds will be used to guide up to 30 Miami County residents through the full cycle of comprehensive vision care and screen the vision of 3,804 needy individuals.

In addition, the UVMC Foundation was awarded $121,294 in order to replace the “brains” of the pneumatic tube system throughout the hospital. This system allows for the safe and secure movement of all kinds of materials throughout the hospital including medications, blood products, laundry, waste, hospital food and sterile goods from Point A to Point B.

With only one grant cycle remaining in 2020, the Stouder Memorial Foundation invites charitable organizations who provide health care in Miami County to submit a grant application by the October 1, 2020 deadline. Grant applications are available online at For more information please call (937)339-8935.

The Stouder Memorial Foundation is an affiliate fund of The Troy Foundation. Stouder has a local volunteer board which oversees the grant cycles and decides upon grant awards while The Troy Foundation provides back office support.