County remains in ‘orange’ COVID category

TROY — Miami County remains at a Level 2 public emergency with regard to the community spread of COVID-19, according to Emergency Management Association Director Joel Smith’s briefing during Thursday’s meeting of commissioners.

Level 2, or category “orange,” according to the Ohio Department of Health’s advisory system, indicates increased exposure and spread. This category signifies that the county meets three indicators. These include new cases per capita, new cases increase, and non-congregate cases.

Data published on Thursday reports Miami County’s new cases over the last two weeks total 155, which is down from 162 reported last week, with cases per 100,000 residents at 144.88. This indicator is met if there are more than 50 cases per 100,000 residents over the last two weeks.

The “new cases” indicator means there is an increasing trend of at least five consecutive days in overall cases by onset date over the last three weeks. This indicator is designed to reflect disease spread in the population.

As of Thursday afternoon, the non-congregate case percentage in the county is 75 percent. This indicator is met when the non-congregate case percentage is over 50 percent, signifying a greater risk of community spread, according to the advisory system.

For more information regarding this data, visit and click on “Ohio Public Advisory System” in top left-hand corner.

Also during Thursday’s meeting, the commissioners:

• Authorized a master agency agreement and product and service schedule to master agency agreement with Alcohol Monitoring Systems Inc. as requested by the municipal court for SCRAM CAM units and daily monitoring for the period of 36 months.

• Acknowledged the receipt of a proposal for general fund monies to supplement the equipment needs of the county recorder in calendar year 2021/set a meeting date and time to meet with the recorder. This is an annual appointment.

• Accept quote/authorize state purchase of six Ford SUV Interceptor police vehicles at a cost not to exceed $192,018.

• Authorized the release of mortgage at 21 W. Water St. at the request of the Department of Development.

• Authorized the employment verification of a new assistant clerk for the commissioners office following the resignation of Alicia Wheeler.

• Recieved an update from Jeff Busch, director of the Miami County Communication Center.