Joe Biden who must be defeated

To the Editor:

Just what is the “horror” we face if President Trump is not defeated? Will we be put back into the days before he took office? Back when “those jobs are never coming back?” The days of ISIS butchering people and controlling vast areas of the Middle East? When China dictated our trade policy with them? When we had no hope for a better future?

Before the “Chinese Virus” hit us, anyone who wanted to work could find a job. Not for the 10 years before President Trump took office. More African-Americans were able to find jobs than ever before.

Now look at what the Democratic Party has to offer: a weak old man who has only nodding association with the truth, and his running mate is on record as believing the women who have accused him of “sexual impropriety.” From Joe’s earlier days, he has lied about nearly everything. From his positions on a variety of subjects, which he changes as popular opinion dictates, to what he said 10 minutes ago. He has remained hidden for months, kept away from the press, even though they never ask him the tough questions, and those they do ask, he seems to be well prepared to answer, as if he knew what the question was going to be.

Then, we have the news coverage. Any negative story about the president is reported as fact, no effort is made to verify it, as in the alleged insult to WWI casualties, denied by even those who were there who do not like him. Yet, we never hear about Biden’s many blunders, mistakes and flip-flops. The bias of the national media is blatant, to say the least.

In my opinion, it is Joe Biden who must be defeated to save our country.

— Tom Fenner