Foundation releases grant funding

CASSTOWN — The Miami East Education Foundation Fund, a component fund of The Troy Foundation, provides grants for programs and activities of the Miami East School District. In August, the Committee reviewed and awarded grants submitted by school personnel at Miami East Local Schools.

The Miami East Education Foundation (MEEF) awarded a grant in the amount of $1,069.69 in order to allow the fourth-grade science teachers to replenish stream table materials, add to the supply of circuit components, and increase the number of LEGO robotics kits. MEEF purchased the original stream table materials in 2015 and since that time approximately 500 fourth graders have utilized the materials to investigate landforms and erosion. The original LEGO robotics kits were unveiled in 2018, as a result of a grant funded by MEEF, and they have proved to be popular with the students. Students use the kits to learn about coding and robotics and with this additional funding, the school can add two more kits to their inventory.

The Title I Intervention Program was awarded a total of $500 in order to further expand the Reading Intervention Room; established from a MEEF grant in the 2019-2020 school year. The original grant purchased sets of guided reading books for kindergarten teachers/intervention teachers and others who need leveled guided reading books.

Amy Wright constructed a grant asking for additional funding to purchase books, materials and hands on manipulatives in order to further stock the book room. “Magic boards” will be available in the reading room which will allow students to practice letters/words and swipe across to erase as they learn.

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