Trump must be defeated

To the Editor:

Yes, Chuck Petty, I too see the horror we are faced with today if Trump is not defeated in November. To attain his goal of complete and unquestioned power, he lies shamelessly. I heard a rumor that Trump, years ago, mentioned he might run for president as a Republican because Republicans were stupid enough to believe whatever he says.

Remember this: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Tyrannical despots, dictator wannabes can only rise to great power by manipulating, lying to, and indoctrinating willing citizens, stoking whatever anger and “righteous” indignation they might have so that all else is obscured by the smoke and mirrors of his taunting words to be our savior. He mocks everyone with the cry of “I am the greatest thing that will ever happen to you. I, and I only, can save you from the evil that swirls around all that oppose me.” Despite his immoral character,

Christians flock to his side because he panders to their sense of outrage and indignation over issues they hold dear. The only god Trumps reveres is himself. Surely you can see beneath his façade of “I love the Bible; I love God.”

Is it just laziness on the part of too many, squandering their time mulling over unfounded conspiracy theories? Q-Anon? Really? Most so bizarre and reckless! And like every dictator rising, the press must be made the enemy, must be repeatedly disparaged lest the truth bring light to the lies. For evil to win, truth must not be given any credence. The dictator wannabe wants to rile up his base, prepare them for a battle that might come if too many begin to see through his façade. Power is his mistress and he craves it daily. As many of his aides have said, everything he does is to maintain and extend his power, his name and his (hopefully) family dynasty.

And they continue to bow to him. How does one get to that point of such total subservience? Oh, I have a few theories, but in the main, I think way too many folks lack knowledge and understanding of world history. Emotions rule the day and intellect is condemned. This is not the first time man has fallen prey to being duped so willingly. How can so many fail to see that dictator wannabes always accuse the “other side” of exactly the horrible things they themselves are doing? And of course, the endless self-praise that paints the dictator wannabe as perfection. Tell everyone you are the greatest. Repeat it over and over. The recurring mantra of “fair and balanced” haunts us constantly. And yet, too many, despite all evidence to the contrary, believe it, repeat it, worship it.

— Robert Matthew Di-Angelo