Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Harlow Builders Inc. to Amy Eby, Bruce Eby, one lot, $279,700.

Macy Milheim, Matthew Milheim to John Elking, Rachael Elking, one lot, $189,000.

Faye Dittemore to Kevin Alexander, trustee, Faye Dittemore, Dittemore Living Trust, $0.

Kristian Holdings to Rajashwi Pratap Sen, Yashashwi Pratap Sen, one lot, $100,000.

Carolyn Taylor, James Taylor to Eric Swartz, Alyssa Westgerdes, one lot, $130,000.

Paul Jones, Terry Jones to Carolyn Kniesly, one lot, $250,000.

Kyrstenn Ingle, Ryan Ingle to Andrew Stewart, Samantha Stewart, one lot, $359,900.

Cynthia Burt, Dennis Burt to Cynthia Burt, Dennis Burt, one lot, $0.

Molly Short, Ronald Short III to Joseph Noll, a part lot, $112,000.

Scott Investments of Troy to Diana Moore, Ronald Moore, one lot, $318,800.

Andrew Stewart, Samantha Stewart to Molly Short, Ronald Short III, one lot, $215,000.

NVR Inc. to Nicholas Grimm, Wendy Grimm, one lot, $332,200.

Erica Deaville, Joshua Deaville to Megan Dever, Stephen Dever, one lot, $267,500.

David Kinninger, Mary Kinninger to David Kinninger, co-trustee, Mary Kinninger, co-trustee, Kinninger Family Revocable Living Trust, one lot, $0.

Gina Kramer, Matthew Kramer, Gina Magoteaux to Joshua Wendling, Kayla Wendling, one lot, $294,900.

Thomas Cooper, Laurie Stinson to Jane Fullmer, one lot, $249,900.

Joshua Oakley to Jessica Oakley, $0.

Scott Investments of Troy to Betty Tasker, Rex Tasker, one lot, $49,900.

Derick Cruea, Tracy Cruea, Tracy Hart to Darwin Cruea, one lot, $100,000.

Linita Malott to Zach Brandon, one lot, $245,000.

Chase Green to Kelsey Hampshire, MacKenzie Hampshire, $289,900.

Michele Brackman, Vincent Brackman to Daniel Trick, one lot, $176,500.


Candy Lavy, Paul Lavy to Douglas Grant, $15,000.

Eugene Weizen to Cindy Gannon, Paul Gannon, $239,900.

James Peterson, trustee, Tamara Peterson, trustee, Peterson Family Revocable Living Trust to Frederick Brush, Mary Brush, a part lot, $175,000.

Destiny Perkins, Logan Perkins to Emily Gerardi, Marcel Kohler, one lot, $181,000.

Rescom Ltd. to Grant Hartsock, Rosalie Hartsock, one lot, $108,500.

Tamara Riffel-Wright to Adam Anders, Lisa Anders, $144,500.

Estate of Carl Watren Jr. to David Warren, one lot, $0.

Brian Magill to Rachelle Labounty, Rachelle Magill, one lot, $0.

Charles Baillie to Keith Grau, one lot, $89,900.

Philip Snapp and Phyllis Snapp Irrevocable Trust, Shane Snapp to Nicole Moore, $108,000.

Catherine Palmer, Williams Palmer III to Stacy Dipace, one lot, $230,000.


Julie Bennett, executor, Estate of Thomas Roth to Dana Pencil, Dana Pencil, one lot, $120,000.

Estate of Kim Wilson, Howard Wilson, executor to Brian Swingley, Donna Swingley, one lot, $265,000.

Joanne Drilling, Jonathan Warner to Aaron Evans, $180,000.

Estate of William Snell, Grant Kerber, executor, to Christopher Cartwright, one lot, $160,000.

Joshua Hartley, London Hartley, London Sanders to Debbie McCormick, one lot, $178,000.

Judith Krise to Haley Sylvester, a part lot, $162,000.

Rendie Dinwoody, Rendie Pohl to Justin Adkins, a part lot, $188,000.

Blake Senseman to Sally Watson, Stephen Watson, a part lot, $15,000.


Thomas Jay to Beau Jay, $0.


Eugene Fraizer, Traci Frazier to Jason Jasper, Julia Jasper, $173,000.

Nancy North to Mark North, Carol Stevic, one lot, $0.


Ricky Lyons to Ekroop LLC, one lot, $24,000.

Frank Dunn, an attorney in fact, Joyce Dunn to Matthew Varno, one lot, $106,000.


Gloria Noll, Randy Noll, attorney in fact to Alan Speer, Amy Speer, a part lot, $0.

Alan Speer, Amy Speer to Austin Evans, $90,000.


Firestation Investments to BM Woods Investments, a part lot, one lot, $80,000.


David Diaz to David Diaz, Ivette Diaz, $0.

Inverness Group Inc. to Amandeep Chahal, Jaguar Chahal, two lots, $275,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,800.

Inverness Group Inc. to Brandon Blackford, two lots, $449,900.

Erin Blessing, Justin Blessing to Tyler Knapper, two lots, $222,900.

Inverness Group Inc. to Paulina Agier, Jeremy Fraser, Paulina Katarzyna, two lots, $361,600.

NVR Inc. to Rustam Fakhratov, Minura Fakhratova, two lots, $363,400.


Argrent Securities, Deutsche Bank National Trust, PHH Mortgage Corp., attorney in fact to Michael Izzo, one lot, $91,000.

Danielle Cecil, William Cecil to James Bush, one lot, $135,000.

Jean High, Eugene Flieger, Jean Pflieger to Christina Birkemeier, one lot, $146,900.

Mary Jane Etter Family Revocable Living Trust to Beverly Brubaker, Gregory Brubaker, one lot, $197,900.


Elbert Allen Jr., Kendra Allen, Shay Phillips to Jennifer Engelman, Todd Engelman, 34,5192 acres, $605,000.

Joan Wray, William Wray to Christopher Parrott, 0.701 acres, $176,000.


David and Jean Harbour Trust to Angela Fultz, Matthew Fultz, one lot, $253,200.

Kerice Ritzi, Steven Ritzi to Anthony Napier, Loren Napier, one lot, $393,000.

Cora Starry to Cora Starry Irrevocable Trust, Joe Sherman, trustee, 2.630 acres, $0.


Virginia Benham Revocable Living Trust, Ruth Caldwell, trustee to Kylie Rush, Scott Rush, 10.0053 acres, $145,000.


Clarence Nuchols to Clarence Nuchols Irrevocable Trust, Karri Gillam, trustee, $0.

Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc., $61,000.

North Branch Land Company to Kylie Koop-Simon, Cody Simon, Kylie Simon, $62,900.

Adam Trask, Amber Trask to Noah Burrowes. one lot, $155,000.

Alma Jean Matthews, Waldo Matthews to Alma Matthews, Waldo Matthews, Beulah Morris, one lot, one part lot, $0.


Edward Wise, Nancy Wise to Edward Wise, Nancy Wise, $0.

Adam Cozad, Amber Cozad to Michael Rose, Monica Rose, 10.2495 acres, $560,000.

Myrna Frantz, Stanley Frantz to Kyle Johnson, Lindsay O’Bryan, 1.5 acres, $299,900.

Jennifer Seubert, Justin Seubert, Jennifer Stringer to Jennifer Seubert, $0.

Gwen Boone, Simon Boone to Gwen Boone, Simon Boone, $0.

Kyla Warner, Nicklaus Warner to Kyla Warner, Nicklaus Warner, $0.


Keely Depue, Keely Shea, Thomas Shea to Douglas Wilson, Karina Wilson, one lot, $196,900.

Amy Craft, Christina Craft, Paul Craft to Craft Family Farm, 150.557 acres, $0.


Michael Rose, Monica Rose to Benjamin Goodin, Lindsey Goodin, one lot, one part lot, $295,000.

Benjamin Goodin, Lindsey Goodin to Darrell Randall, 0.462 acres, $188,500.


John Dziech, Kathy Dziech to Megan Johnson, Tyler Johnson, $299,900.