If you hate country — leave

To the Editor:

I can’t figure out why so many US citizens hate our country. We have the best standard of living in the world. We are free to travel anywhere we want. We are free to pursue any job we want, education we want, live where we want, can pick who we want to represent us, freedom of speech, religion, right to bear arms, right to peaceful assembly, right to property ownership. I could keep going.

Yes, we have faults, we have made mistakes, we all have some dark personal history, we have failed in many things. The deal is, you try to fix the bad and improve on the good. Nowhere in the world has our standard of living. Why do people from all over the world dream of coming here if we’re so bad? We are terribly spoiled from what we have. I suggest we appreciate the United States of America the greatest place to live on earth.

If you can’t stand to live here, and work out our problems, leave this place. You know, it’s just like having a household. You have to work on it, fix the problems, or just get the hell out.

— Randolph Ginter

West Milton