City extends state of emergency

TROY — The city of Troy has announced it extended its state of emergency to coincide with the state’s extension.

All members were present at the Monday evening city council meeting.

City of Troy Director of Public of Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said the city extended its state of emergency through Oct. 31 to match the state’s timeline set by Gov. Mike DeWine. The state of emergency is due to the coronavirus also known as COVID-19.

“We’ll continue to have some flexibility on how we meet and how we continue to address whatever issues come up,” he said.

Titterington reminded the public that Halloween will be observed by 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 29. The date was set by the Miami County Council. Titterington said there’s no anticipation to change the date in regards to the current state of emergency.

“Are masks required?” Councilman Todd Severt quipped.

Mayor Robin Oda said it’s surprising that summer is over and “feels like it never happened.”

She said, “Hopefully we can have a wonderful fall in the city, we still don’t know what that looks like, but fingers crossed.”

A resident expressed difficulty in hearing and seeing the broadcast of the city council meetings on Zoom. He said it was both hard to hear and hard to see council sessions and attended the meeting because of the difficulty. He also said, “Some of us old folks don’t have Facebook or social media” as a means to watch meetings.

“The way you have it now is not very well done, I hope you take a look at it,” he said.

Titterington said staff is attempting to address the issues by adding microphones around the room. He said the city recently received new equipment to improve the sound and visual quality of the city’s sessions. He said the technology department would be working with Hobart Arena staff on adding it to help with audio and visuals of the meetings.

The council unanimously approved the 2021 public defender agreement. The city will pay $24,409 to the county for the services. It was the only action item on the agenda. Council will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 21 at the Hobart Arena Bravo Room.

• According to Titterington, there are no immediate plans to remove the reverse angle parking on North Short Street. “Reverse angled parking is safer on side streets such as North Short and drivers have been using these spaces since the experiment began,” he said in an email Wednesday.