Charges against daycare worker dropped

MIAMI COUNTY — Charges have been dropped and prosecutors will not pursue an indictment against a Troy man accused of molesting a child at a daycare owned by his family.

Andrew Cain, 35, of Troy, was arrested by Troy Police Department while Cain was among children on a field trip last July. A 10-year-old female child claimed Cain touched her inappropriately while on his lap during playtime at the JJJ Childcare facility on Arthur Drive. He was initially charged with felony gross sexual imposition, but those charges have been dismissed.

On Wednesday, Miami County Prosecutor Anthony Kendell said, “We have reviewed this case thoroughly and had additional work done. Nevertheless, the evidence is insufficient in such that I do not have a good faith basis to proceed, which is both a legal as well as an ethical requirement. As a result, the case will be closed and not reopened unless new evidence is discovered, which would then warrant giving it another look.”

The victim reported the conduct to a parent who then reported it to Troy Police. The inappropriate act allegedly took place on July 10, 2019, and first investigated on July 19, 2019. A request to Troy Police Detective Capt. Jeff Kunkleman was unanswered as of press time.

The investigation closed down the daycare by the state, which revoked its license a few weeks after Cain’s arrest. A new daycare center has since reopened in its place.