Commissioners condemn discrimination

TROY — The Board of Miami County Commissioners shared a letter Tuesday denouncing discrimination in response to the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission’s ongoing regional equity initiatives.

“Our nation has experienced challenging times in the recent months stirred by the death of George Floyd and other racially-motivated events,” the letter begins. “The Miami County Commissioners denounce discrimination of any group or in any form based upon race, income, jurisdiction, ability, national origin, age, religion, and sexual preference or gender. We will ensure that our resolutions reflect our values of diversity and inclusion.”

The letter went on to say while the commissioners respect the right of citizens to peacefully protest, “acts of vandalism or violence that could harm citizens of this community” will not be supported or tolerated.

“While the incidents of violence and hatred are tragic reminders of our collective failings, and some of us may never fully grasp the injustices experienced by Black Americans and all minorities, we must move forward to promote the general welfare for the good of our community — our businesses, our schools, our homes and our neighborhoods,” the letter states. “We believe in supporting our local law enforcement who serve to defend the freedoms, fairness and individual liberties that America’s founding generation have fought for and have died.

The letter ends with a call for the Miami County community, and the country as a whole, to “stand together to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion.”

“We need to be the catalyst for much-needed change to treat each other with dignity and respect,” the letter states. “We stand united.”