West Main Street flag project successful

To the Editor:

“It’s a Grand Old Flag, It’s a High Flying Flag,” are the appropriate song lyrics for today.

A little over a week ago, we asked for donations to renovate the West Main Street Flag Pole, which has stood for years without the flag flying on it. The response has been overwhelming. In less than 72 hours, not only did we have the money necessary to renovate the flagpole and to provide additional replacement flags, but we have additional money to pay for more flags as they wear out.

The best thing — what has blown me away — was not only citizens from Troy donated, but people from surrounding communities donated to “Fly the Flag.” Thank you to everyone who donated to this.

I would like to recognize those people who gave generously to the West Main Street Flag Project: Mr. and Mrs. Dale Stager, Mr. and Mrs. John Slonaker, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hamer, Mr. and Mrs. James Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lileas, Mr. and Mrs. John Newbright, Mr. Austin Foster and Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Phillips.

Special thanks to Troy Park Superintendent Jeremy Drake and Troy Councilman Bobby Phillips.

It will be exciting to drive down Main Street and see the American flag proudly flying again!

— Chuck Karnehm