Pet of the Week

Meet Roscoe-Allan

Roscoe-Allan was adopted from the Miami County Animal Shelter, but his new owner did not give him a fair chance. He is a little old man who just wants a quiet home of his own and perhaps a nice cozy lap to lay on for the rest of his days. With that being said, Allan is older and has a small bladder. He is housetrained, but might have to go pretty frequently. Allan also is very hard of hearing, so like anybody he does not like to be snuck up on. Approaching this guy from the front is the best way to get kisses and cuddles. He would love to be a companion for an older person who needs a friend. If you are interested in meeting Allan, stop in to the shelter today. If you’re interested in me, please come see me at the Miami County Animal Shelter in Troy. Miami County Animal Shelter has an adoption process and it is not first come, first serve. If you are interested in Brock, please come see him at Miami County Animal Shelter in Troy and fill out an adoption application.