Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information filed by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Aug. 24

ASSIST AGENCIES: A deputy assisted Troy police and medics at the Broadford Bridge on State Route 41 as they rescued a male juvenile in the river. He was transported to a local hospital.

LAWN JOCKEY TROTS OFF: A lawn jockey was reported stolen from the 2800 block of West State Route 41, Concord Twp.

TIRES SLASHED: Two tires were slashed on a vehicle in the 3200 block of Gardenia Drive, Troy.

ASSAULT: Emily Kessler, 29, of Piqua, was charged with assault.

POSSESSION: Samuel Jones, 34, of Beavercreek, was charged with possession of a controlled substance. He was found passed out in the back yard of a home in Concord Twp.

Aug. 25

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: A deputy responded to the former K-mart building in Piqua in reference to a criminal damage complaint. The reporting party explained he is working for the new owner to renovate the building. The past three mornings when they arrived at work some of their construction supplies were damaged. It is believed the suspects are juveniles. Case pending.

FRAUD: A resident of Union Twp. reported a credit account was opened in her name in New Jersey.

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: Miami County animal control officers requested a sheriff’s office deputy assist with an animal cruelty case. A total of nine dogs were located at a residence in the 400 block of Young Street and they were not being properly cared for. The deputy was able to locate all the dogs including four puppies that had been moved to the 500 block of Miami Street. The four puppies and two adult male dogs were surrendered to the animal shelter by the owner. She was given 72 hours to license the dog she owned at the residence . She was also advised the shelter had another one of her female dogs, that had been found running loose. She advised she would be in Friday to license both and pick the one up at the shelter.

The woman also claimed ownership of a 12-week-old blue female pit. The dog was not licensed and appeared to have ringworm. She was given until Friday to have to dog seen by a vet and licensed. The two male dogs removed were not in good condition — covered in fleas and had sores on their bodies. The deputy could also smell a very foul odor coming from the residence. When she walked by the open window, the deputy could see trash and feces all over the floor. There was also a strong odor of ammonia coming from within the residence and several cats inside. The deputy observed two small children in the window. The children were very filthy and had dirty diapers on. There was one boy and one girl that the deputy observed today. She contacted childre’s services and passed on her findings. She requested the children be checked at the residence and a case opened. The deputy also called the Piqua Health Department and forwarded information on to them as well. Animal cruelty charges are pending.

FAILURE TO CONTROL: Douglas Hartman, 41, address unknown, was arrested in the 4000 block of South Rangeline Road, Union Twp. on a failure to control motor vehicle charge.

ASSAULT: Justin Lynn, 25, of Troy, was charged with assault.

Aug. 26

ROAD RAGE: A deputy was dispatched to the 7000 block of Lostcreek-Shelby Road, Brown Twp. in reference to a road rage incident around 11 a.m. The reporting party stated that an unknown vehicle had pulled out in front of him and he had to slow down abruptly to avoid hitting him. After back and forth reckless vehicle moves, both parties got out of their vehicles and verbally argued. The reporting party said the person acted like he was going to hit him in the face and so he pushed him away and the other subject tripped and fell. The reporting party said then the other subject got up and grabbed a gun from his vehicle and approached him. The reporting party said he is a CCW holder and pulled out his weapon, pointing it at the subject. He instructing the male not to raise his gun. The male then got back in his vehicle and drove off. Case pending.

FRAUD: A deputy spoke with a Union Township resident who had stated someone had stolen his information and has been opening up multiple loans. The resident stated this has happened to at least five other people that he knows and it was any extremely elaborate scam someone was running.

MENACING:A deputy was dispatched to the 100 block of Washington Street, Casstown, on a suspicious complaint. The reporting party advised an unknown subject had wrote an obscene message on her vehicle. At this time there are no leads or suspects. The reporting party asked the incident be documented.

CIVIL MATTER: A deputy responded to the 1300 block of Evanston Road, Monroe Twp., in reference to a civil matter regarding neighbors who are in a dispute over property lines. The reporting party says he just had his land surveyed by an independent company. The other party states the independent company who surveyed the property is incorrect. The other party stated he will contact Miami County engineers office to have them survey the land.

FIREWORKS ON FRIEND STREET: A deputy responded to the 200 block of Friend Street, Ludlow Falls, on a fireworks complaint. The reporting party stated fireworks were being set off by his neighbor, and scaring himself and his cat. The deputy responded to the neighbor’s address and made contact with Melissa Griffieth, who admitted to setting off the fireworks. She stated it was the one year anniversary of her husband’s son’s death and the fireworks were set off as a memorial. She advised they were done and would not set off anymore. The deputy advised Griffieth it was illegal to posses and, or set off, fireworks. She said she understood. The scene was then cleared.

Aug. 27

POSSESSION: Christopher Parsons, 44, of Dayton, was charged with possession of controlled substances.