Miami County Marriages licenses

Randall Trey Harbour, 23, of 1210 Gettysburg Drive, Troy to Emily Roe Randall, 22, of same address.

Roger Eric Looker, 53, of 925 Rosewood Creek Drive, Troy to Misty Janene Lowery, 43, of same address.

Ryan Burly Lacy, 42, of 901 Nicklin Avenue, Piqua to Nicole Janette Preston, 41, of same address.

Rochelle Angela Dever, 48, of 1866 Towne Park Drive 5C, Troy to Kateri Anne Fortwengler, 53, of same address.

Calvin Jones Jr., 53, of 527 South Main Street to Maryland Denise Roberts, 53, of 947 North Dorset Road, Troy.

Joshua Steven Taylor, 40, of 1101 Red Maple Drive, Troy to Jennifer Michelle Taylor, 40, of same address.

Emma Gayle Ney, 20, of 520 W. Alkaline Springs Road, Vandalia to Daniel Stephen Eustache, 22, of 1030 Kerr Road, Troy.

Brad Allen Quillen, 50, of 47 N. Sayers Road, Troy to Laura Ann Gross, 51, of 140 S. Miami Street, West Milton.

Philip Gifford Werling, 49, of 934 York Meadows Drive, Tipp City to Shalanda Renae Kemper, 39, of same address.

Matthew Ryan Bracci, 23, of 234 Yount Road, West Milton to Madison Renee Roller, 22, of 578 Wind Ridge Place Apt. 9, Tipp City.

Dustin Allen Gray, 23, of 175 Kent Road, Tipp City to Carly Marie Brown, 22, of same address.

Shawn William DeBrosse, 37, of 1217 S. Main Street, West Milton to Amanda Nicole Masters, 35, of 5540 Peters Road, Tipp City.

Thomas Phillip Ford, 29, of 4120 State Route 721, Laura to Leah Kaitlyn Vagedes, 28, of same address.

William Charles Caserta, 28, of 1530 South Street, Piqua to Destine Kay-Ann Wale, 25, of same address.

Dallas Storm Shamblin, 22, of 235 South Third Street, Tipp City to Tyra Marie Konicki, 21, of same address.