Impeach Gov. Mike DeWine?

To the Editor:

According to Rep. John Becker, Gov. DeWine should be impeached for doing the job he was elected to do. No one likes wearing masks and keeping our social distance from others, but Gov. DeWine has done a great job here in Ohio of keeping deaths down, look around the United States and see what other governors are doing. Some governors did exactly what Rep. Becker wants and take a a look at their states now. How about Florida, Texas and thank God we didn’t live in New York. Of course New York was hit hard early on before people came to their senses and decided, “Hey this could be bad.”

Rep. John Becker was involved in helping to pass HB6, a bill to bailout the corporate out-of-state owner of power plants located in Northern Ohio and outside of Ohio. This bill is now costing Rep. Becker, Clermont County consumers a lot of money to bail out the rich.

Rep. Becker is saying that he is being term limited and won’t have a job. I have the perfect job for Rep. Becker, how about selling Clorox with cookies and tickets on the next asteroid to heaven.

— Corby L Enochs