Convicted felon on crime spree arrested

MIAMI COUNTY — A Troy man likely linked to serveral burglaries was arrested in Troy late Thursday night.

Michael Cartonia, 36, with no known address, was wanted for multiple thefts and burglaries in Troy and possibly rural Miami County. He was arrested following a traffic stop on West Market and Elmwood Street around 10:20 p.m. Thursday.

A Miami County Sheriff’s Office deputy conducted a traffic stop on a maroon Ford F-150 truck and found Cartonia and Toni Clark, 31, of Tipp City. Another deputy and several officers with Troy Police arrived on the scene to assist.

Cartonia was arrested without incident. A glass pipe with a white substance inisde the pipe was found on Cartonia. It will be sent to the crime lab for testing. Clark also had a warrant for her arrest as well. She was charged with complicity.

According to reports, Cartonia later was combative with officers when he was being processed at the downton jail. Cartonia actively resisted officers once his handcuffs were removed. He then removed all of his clothing and tried to push through the jail entry door. He also reportedly told officers he had three assaults against police officers and “I’m about to have four.”

He also reportedly admitted he stole a truck to a deputy.

A warrant was issued for Cartonia on Aug. 14 by Troy Police, according to Capt. Jeff Kunkleman. He is wanted for second-degree, fourth-degree and fifth-degree felony burglary charges from an incident reported in Troy on Aug. 11. He is also currently on post-release control and was released from prison in April 2020. Sheriff’s iffice officials also believe he was involved in a burglary of a rural residence outside of Fletcher earlier this week.

Cartonia and Clark remain incarcerated at the Miami County Jail. Both await arraignment on their charges.