Kathy Henne: Launching a new product

In today’s real estate climate, you want to be sure to take all the necessary steps to squeeze every possible penny out of the sale of your home. Small oversights or missteps can be costly when it comes to your bottom line. However, there are some common mistakes that are easily avoidable if you listen to the experience and advice of your real estate representative.

One error that can cost you dollars is to put your home on the market before it is truly ready for presentation. Image is everything, so get all the cleaning, painting, patching, and lawn care done well in advance of your first showing.

Another costly stumbling block involves your initial listing price. Remember that you control the asking price, but not the selling price – that is finally determined by the buyers and what the market will bear. Try to detach yourself emotionally from what you want to net, and price your home competitively, right from the beginning.

Emotional attachment can keep you from perceiving and presenting your home as what it now is, a commodity. Present it, market it and price is as you would any new product on the market. Your agent will make sure it gets exposure to the right demographic, and will help you avoid costly errors along the way to a successful closing.