Troy Police Department reports

Information filed by Troy Police Department:

Aug. 20

DRUG ABUSE: Colin Jerdon, 29, at-large, was charged with drug abuse and open container in the area of Wayne Street and Laurel Tree Court.

THEFT: Cody Veach, 34, at-large, was charged with two counts of third-degree felony theft and possession of drug abuse instruments in the area of Archer Drive.

POSSESSION: Shelby Green, 28, of Troy, was charged with two counts of fifth-degree felony possession of scheduled drugs and possession of marijuana in the area of Kroger.

THEFT: A theft report in the 300 block of Lincoln Street was filed.

THEFT: Officer recovered stolen property from a theft case from Tipp City in the area of Walgreens.

AUTO GONE: A vehicle was reported stolen from Troy Hospital.

Aug. 21

DISORDERLY: Donnell Henderson III, 28, of Dayton, was charged with disorderly conduct offensive gesture or noise in the area of the West Main Shell station.

Aug. 22

OPEN LIQUOR IN PUBLIC: Robert Pellman, 21, of Troy, was charged with menacing and open liquor container in a public place in the area of South Walnut.

POSSESSION: Dennis Schwartz, 21, was charged with possession of marijuana paraphernalia at Marcos Pizza.

OVI: Dustin Allison, 32, of Carlisle, was charged with driving under the influence in the area of West Street and S. Mulberry.

THEFT: A resident in the 100 block of Frank Street reported a campaign sign was stolen.

OVERDOSE: A subject reported overdosed in the are of South Monroe Street. They were transported to a local hospital for treatment b y Troy medics.

THEFT AND WARRANT: An officer was dispatched to the 1200 block of North Dorset Road for the reported theft of a motorcycle. The reporting party was found to have a valid warrant and was incarcerated. Ownership of the motorcycle will be determined after its located.

Aug. 23

OVI: Brendan Benge, 30, of Troy, was charged with Driving under the influence, assured clear distance, underage persons consumption of alcohol, marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia in the area of Piqua-Troy Road and Loxley Lane.