Miami County Marriages

Peter Andrew Batting Jr., 30, of 221 N. 7th Street, Tipp City to Stephanie Linnea Brunner, 32, of same address.

Michael Wade Collins, 51, of 449 Clover Hill Drive, Tipp City to Karen Rose Blaul, 45, of same address.

Randi Renae Nichols, 37, of 1101 Rutland Drive, Piqua to Bonnie Lou Young, 35, of same addres.

Andrew Edward Huelskamp, 40, of 4414 W. Demming Road, Piqua to Rachel Ann Onjukka, 26, of same address.

Karen Ruth Dickey, 52, of 60 Norbert Drive, Troy to Keith James Klinger, 51, of same address.

Macaleh Leigh Thompson, 23, of 505 Cherry Street, Fletcher to Joseph Paul Yager, 23, of same address.

Linda S. Li, 24, of 1864 Towne Park Drive 3C, Troy to Taylor Henry Nicholason, 24, of same address.

Latisha Mae Thompson, 28, of 2546 Brookview Road, Troy to Michael Douglas Long, 30, of same address.

Mitchell James Gibson, 27, of 9055 State Route 589, Fletcher to Hannah Marie Koehl, 22, of same address.

Jay Michael Canan, 32, of 9940 Newberry Washington, Piqua to Raquel Lynn Brant, 27, of same address.

Ryan Daniel Kimble, 28, of 115 East Wright Street, Covington to Kayla Marie Wrasman, 28, of same address.

Jeffrey Ryan King, 35, of 4923 Towpath Lane, West Chester to Jenna Leigh Cogar, 35, of 3145 Cone Flower DRive, Tipp City.

Daniel James Neth, 30, of 915 Boone Street, Piqua to Kyla Marie Stratton, 29, of same address.

Justin David Loesch, 39, of 3385 E. Statler Road, Piqua to Stephanie Michelle Coffing, 35, of same address.

Austin R. Brewer, 27, of 85 S. Dorset Road, Troy to Michelle Kay Snead, 31, of 8605 W. Fenner Road, Ludlow Falls.

Kyle Thomas Vanover, 34, of 614 2nd Street, Piqua to Andi Jo Terrell, 32, of same address.

Alex Kenneth Tamplin, 26, of 7705 Fairview Snodgrass Road, piqua to Julie Elizabeth White, of 113 E. Third Street, Dayton.

Justin Michael Jennings, 28, of 1821 Wilshire Drive, Piqua to Lauren Marie Ashcraft, 23, of same address.

John Jeffery Lee Small, 26, of 1020 South Street, Piqua to Kasey Nicole barber, 24, of same address.