Troy’s DORA fails, Redwood Apartments OK’d

TROY — Troy City Council voted down the proposed Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) and approved an apartment complex development following feedback from residents on both issues on Monday.

All members were present.

Troy City Council’s Health and Safety Committee agreed to reject the DORA as presented during a workshop and committee meeting. Council member at-large Zachary Allen was the lone yes vote for the DORA. Council members expressed their concerns with the consistency of days and hours of the DORA and if it really truly has a positive impact on local businesses.

Residents expressed their concerns with trash, coronavirus spread, intoxicated patrons inside businesses and damage to the city’s family-friendly downtown atmosphere. Several residents thanked council for voting the DORA down at the public comment portion of the meeting.

Council approved to rezone 22.5 acres in the area of State Route 718 and McKaig Road for a planned apartment complex.

The applicant, Patricia Harshbarger, stated the rezoning is to construct a private residential apartment neighborhood. The proposed development, by Redwood development company, consists of 138 total single-story style units with four or six units per structure. The neighborhood will include 5.2 acres of green space, a walking path and a covered shelter near a proposed retention pond. The rezoning would be from the county zoning of A-2, General Agricultural District to a Residential Planned Development.

Several residents spoke out against the rezoning issue due to flooding issues, home values and traffic issues.

Brad Farrenkopf, a trustee and resident of land adjacent to the property on McKaig Road, said he there’s an existing issue with flooding and will cause it to worsen, not harmonious to all other properties in the area.

Farrenkopf said the planned development will likely go on the ballot for referendum to reverse council’s decision.

“I’m urging you to listen to the outstanding voice of your citizens and turn this down,” he said.

Ron Poling, a resident of Troy, said he didn’t know when the land was annexed and why.

Larry Morrow farms the property around the State Route 718, Peebles Road and McKaig road area, including east of the Stonebridge Meadows. Morrow restated Planning and Zoning Manager Tim Davis had said the city of Troy cannot displace water on to neighboring properties.

“That clearly is not the case with Stonebridge Meadows. The blatant disrespect shown by city of Troy to the farm directly east of that subdivision is inexcusable, unfortunately I fear the same thing will happen with the proposed apartment complex,” Morrow said.

Engineer Jillian Rhoades said drainage would be going through a ditch that passes through Concord Township and property owned by Troy City Schools.

Morrow said he contacted the Concord Township trustees and Jeff Price, treasurer of Troy City Schools, both of which said they have not received contact from the city regarding the apartment complex and water crossing its property or drainage issues. Morrow likened the stormwater and drainage issues to which a resident goes to mow their yard, but their neighbor, how has mismanaged their property and has water issues, would cause your property to flood and unable to be used. Morrow said the water issues will continue to increase and impact future development if not resolved.