Miami County Fair royalty crowned

MIAMI COUNTY — Alyssa Edgington, 18, of Union, and Curtis Shellenberger, 18, of Pleasant Hill, were crowned the 2020 Miami County Fair Queen and King on Wednesday evening. Haley Matheny, 6, of Covington was also named the 2020 Miami County Fair Princess.

“I’m honored to represent the fair that I just love so, so much,” Edgington said. “And I’m really excited in the week in getting to go around the fair and just show everybody what it’s all about, the hard work and dedication that we all put into it.”

Edgington has participated in 4-H for 10 years, including in the Rockin’ Rabbits and Hares & Stuff clubs. She is also a four-year Miami County Junior Fair Board member. She will be showing breeding and market rabbits this year at the fair.

The question Edgington was asking during the contest was what motivates her, to which she said “having passions and dreams,” as well as always wanting to improve herself.

“In 4-H, I was taught to make my best better every day, and so that’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned in 4-H is every day I want to make what I’m doing better than what it already was,” Edgington said.

Edgington is currently a student at Sinclair Community College where she is studying political science. After she earns her associate’s degree, she plans to transfer to Wilmington College to earn a bachelor’s in agricultural communications, as well as political science with a focus in food policy and advocacy. She hopes to lobby for issues in agriculture in the future.

Shellenberger, the 2020 Miami County Fair King, has been attending the Miami County Fair for as long as he can remember as his family has a history of showing dairy cattle at the fair, which he continues to do today. He joined the Newton Blue Ribbon 4-H Club in third grade, and he has since held a number of officer positions, including his current office of president. He has also served on the Miami County Junior Fair board and participates in the Newton-UVCC FFA.

“I’m excited just because we get to see all the people at the fair and represent Miami County not just here, but at a larger scale all over Ohio,” Shellenberger said.

The question Shellenberger was asked during the contest was if 4-H would continue to be a part of his adult life, to which he responded he plans for it to be a big part of his life.

“I had a lot of people around me — my parents, my grandparents, my advisors — that really pushed me to do 4-H and do well in it,” Shellenberger said. “I want to be able to give that same opportunity to my seven younger siblings, my cousins, and the rest of the community. I think one great way that I’ll be able to do that is by becoming an advisor of my own 4-H club that I’m in now. Serving as the president for many years, I think it sets me up well to walk into my retiring advisor’s position.”

Shellenberger has also participated in various community, school, and church events. He looks forward to taking over the family dairy farm. Shellenberger will be showing dairy steer and dairy breeding cattle this year at the fair.

Matheny, the 2020 Miami County Fair Princess, was asked what her favorite part of the fair, to which she responded showing animals.

There were 11 candidates for Miami County Fair Queen, including Edgington; Abby Fraley, 17, of Covington; Alicia Miller, 16, of Tipp City; Arianna Vannus, 14 of Pleasant Hill; Audrey Coffey, 17, of Troy; Darby Welbaum, 15, of West Milton; Emma Moore, 15, of Tipp City; Sarah Blocher, 17, of Troy; Sydney Lange, 17, of Tipp City; Rylee Puthoff, 17 of Conover; and Zoe Blankenship, 18, of Piqua. The first runner up for queen was Miller, and the second runner up was Welbaum.

There were two candidates for Miami County Fair King, including Shellenberger and Braden Peake, 17, of Tipp City. Peake was the first runner up.

Sadie Miller, 6, of Piqua and Tessa Lyons, 8, of Covington, were the other two candidates for Miami County Fair Princess.

The judges for the 2020 Miami County Fair Royalty Contests included Piqua Mayor Kris Lee; Troy Mayor Robin Oda; Abby Hissong, a senior at Wilmington College and the 2017 Miami County Fair Queen; and Miami County Commissioner Greg Simmons.