Trump’s broken promises

The current president has made numerous promises to the American people that have not been kept. Some are more outlandish than one can imagine and more numerous than can be covered here. He promised to build (in his words) a great big beautiful wall the likes that no one has ever seen before and Mexico would pay for it. Who is paying for the wall? We the American tax payers, not Mexico. He has appropriated $15 billion to construct 700 miles of new border wall, but that includes 400 miles of the 700 that are replacement projects on current structure. The southern border stretches 2,000 miles. It would seem to me that this is nothing but a great big worthless and extremely expensive wall with no foreseeable return on investment.

He promised to eliminate the national debt but has had a faster increase than any president, and yes before the current pandemic began. On inauguration day of his presidency the national debt was 19.9 trillion dollars. In July 2019, the debt stood at $22 trillion and was at $23 trillion just prior to the pandemic outbreak. His latest federal budget would add $8.3 trillion to the total debt. His response is “we can print more money.”

He promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. He has not produced any plan to replace it. Top Republicans have encouraged people who have lost their employer sponsored health insurance to sign up for plans available in the market place set up by Obamacare. Instead of abolishing Obamacare, simply improve and add to the existing plan. Trump stated in May 2019 and has repeatedly stated since that “drug prices are coming down, first time in 51 years because of my administration.” The facts are that this year over 3,000 drugs have went up while the price of just 117 have gone down. This is just another of a plethora of lies from this pathological liar. Bringing back jobs to America is another promise broken.

Employment in manufacturing during Trump’s tenure has been mediocre with no overall improvement and few added jobs. Gross manufacturing output has been stagnant or declined slightly. The trade deficit this year has increased 7.3 percent imports vs. exports. These are but a few of the many broken promises to the American people and the continual total and abject failures of the Trump administration. We, the American people deserve better than this. Please vote in November to remove this bungling, inept, dysfunctional tyrant from office.

— Chuck Petty