Kettering Health Network Piqua holds virtual ribbon cutting

PIQUA — Kettering Health Network’s Piqua Hospital was welcomed into the community with a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony streamed on YouTube on Friday morning.

Fred Manchur, CEO of Kettering Health Network (KHN), welcomed the ribbon cutters and viewers online to KHN’s first ever virtual ribbon cutting for the $29 million medical complex.

“We’re so glad that you’ve joined us in this new approach to our ribbon cutting and our opening,” Manchur said. “Today marks our first time that we’ve done a virtual opening like this, and we know that we’re doing our very best to comply. We want to make sure that we keep everyone safe. And when you’re in healthcare, you know you want to do what’s right, and that’s what we have to do today.”

Manchur said KHN is a faith-based organization, discussing how they have incorporated their Christian faith into their newest facility.

“When you come into this facility, you’re going to be so proud. You’re going to be so excited to see that one of the first elements is a creation wall,” Manchur said. “We want to make sure we have the right balance.”

Wally Sackett, president of Kettering Medical Center, gave the opening prayer for the ribbon cutting ceremony, saying it was based on 1 Peter 3:13, which reads, “Who is he who will harm you if you become followers of what is good?”

“We dedicate ourselves to become followers of what is good. We dedicate this building,” Sackett said.

Eric Lunde, president of the Troy and Piqua hospitals, thanked Piqua for the opportunity to care for the community.

“We really are blessed to be able to serve in Piqua,” Lunde said. “Behind me, we’ve got an amazing facility.”

KHN’s Piqua facility has a full-service, 24/7 emergency department offering a full range of imaging and testing services. The emergency department includes 12 exam rooms, one trauma room, and two labs for testing in the emergency department.

Lunde also commended the physicians who will be joining this facility, including James Burkhardt, DO, and Jason Faber, MD. The Kettering Physician Network area of the hospital will be housed on the second floor and will include 14 exam rooms and one procedure room. The areas of care for the Kettering Physician Network area include primary care, heart and vascular, pain management, and general surgery.

“On behalf of a grateful city, welcome to the city of Piqua,” Piqua Mayor Kris Lee said. “It’s been about 22 years since we’ve had a hospital in this city, and it’s been greatly missed. And so when the opportunity for Kettering Health Network to come to the city of Piqua arose, I was all on board. I was very happy. I was a commissioner at the time, and now I’m currently mayor, but it’s been a wonderful experience. We look forward to a great partnership.”

KHN’s Piqua Hospital will open at 7 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 11. For more information, visit