Commissioners approve purchases, agreements

MIAMI COUNTY — On Tuesday, the Miami County Commissioners approved a software purchase for Miami County Probate Court, as well as approved changes to the county’s inmate mail services.

The commissioners approved the purchase of web server software and online marriage application upgrades, along with installation and configuration, on behalf of Probate Court. The purchase will be from Henschen and Associates, Inc., Bowling Green, as requested by Probate Court, at a cost not exceed $3,781.05.

The commissioners then authorized an amendment to the contract for the inmate phone service at the Miami County Jail and Miami County Incarceration Facility, as requested by Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak. This amendment will allow for the return of inmate mail to the sheriff’s office, at the cost of the county, which will then be returned to the inmates upon their release from jail. The physical mail will no longer be destroyed after 30 days. The mail will then be put in the inmates’ property.

Later on, the commissioners adopted the Greater Region Transportation Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan on behalf of Miami County Transit. Transit Manager Sarah Baker said Miami County’s plan is through the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission.

The commissioners then accepted a property appraisal proposal from O.R. Colan Associates, LLC, Columbus, and authorized their property appraisal services for two parcels, on behalf of the Commissioner’s Office. The proposal includes: two 42-year title reports for subject parcels, two narrative appraisal reports for subject parcels, project management for said tasks, and copy costs. The total cost shall not exceed $8,200.

At the end of their meeting, the commissioners discussed providing additional space for Miami County Public Health (MCPH) at the Hobart Center for County Government. MCPH needs additional space due to hiring additional contract tracers for the COVID-19 pandemic.