Troy schools seek additional earned income tax

TROY — The Troy City Schools Board of Education took action to officially place an earned income tax levy on the Nov. 3 ballot on Monday.

All members were present at the meeting.

The board must file by 4 p.m. Aug. 5 with the Miami County Board of Elections for the issue to be placed on the Nov. 3 ballot. The earned income tax would raise $2 million per year if passed for general operating costs.

The district currently has a continuous 1.5 percent income tax. According to treasurer Jeff Price, the district anticipates the tax will be around 0.25 percent to raise the $2 million by earned income tax per year. For those making $1,000 per month, $2.50 would be collected through the additional tax. The tax would only apply to those with earned income, if passed.

The last time Troy City Schools requested additional operating dollars was 2006.

Superintendent Chris Piper said, “We understand these are difficult times for families within our district. They also are difficult times for the schools. The state of Ohio cut our funding nearly by almost $900,000 last year and will be at least that much again this year. At the same time, we have increased costs due to COVID-19, including personal protective equipment (PPE), increased cleaning and sanitizing, food service, and providing a Chromebook for all students to support online learning.

“Like many families, our district has been forced to tighten its belt as well as a result of the loss in funding. The last time Troy City Schools requested additional operating dollars was 2006. Although we have made significant changes in order to control operating and maintenance costs, we cannot go deeper without negatively affecting student programs. We request these additional operating dollars now so we can continue to provide the high quality learning opportunities that our students deserve and our community has come to expect.”