Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Mi C. Grana to Robert Purpura, Sue Purpura, one lot, $209,900.

Cheryl Berryhill, Corntey Berryhill, Robert Berryhill to Cheryl Berryhill, Robert Berryhill, one lot, $0.

Kari Breisch, Justin Magill, Kari Magill to Elizabeth Shrake, one lot, $136,000.

3 Gen D LLC to Julie Hoyt, Wilfred Hoyt, one lot, $95,900.

Jasan Young to Rebecca Sotzing, one lot, $0.

Carolyn Pope, Michael Pope to JK Housing LLC, one lot, $120,000.

Glen Eppleston, Nancy Eppleston to Damian Bumgardner, Renata Bumgarner, one lot, $219,900.

NVR Inc. to David Janot, Andrea McCartney, one lot, $362,000.

Jimmie Potter, Linda Potter to Dawn Vanover, Steven Vanover, $50,000.

Christopher Osting, Lynne Ullery Osting, Shelly Ullery Rhodes, James Rhodes to Sean Mehr, Austin Stuckey, one lot one part lot, $121,500.

Cassandra Morrow, Larry Morrow to Richard Grant, one lot, $72,600.

G. Louise Noll, Randy Noll, agent to Alfrieda Francis, Nicholas Francis, one lot, $148,000.

Harbor West Land Company to S.M. O’Neal Construction, $49,900.

Evan McElfresh to Greg Joseph, one lot, $89,900.

Jeremy Landers, Jenna Schieltz to Terry James Phillip Seifamn, James Seifman, one lot, $149,900.

Kristina Gifford, Mark Gifford, Kristina Gorczyca to Janel Latif, Paul Latif, one lot, $296,000.

Sullenberger Rentals to Aubrey Luma, Joseph Luma, one lot, $67,200.


Teeters Real Estate Investments to Kelly Alexander-Clark, Jason Goubeaux, one lot, $39,500.

City of Piqua to Miami Valley Equity Partners, a part lot, $0.

Mary Henne, Walter Henne to Miami Valley Equity Partners, a part lot, $105,000.

Gregg Family Investments Ltd. to Thomas Zink, Victoria Zink, two lots, $699,900.

Michael Osborne, Mindy Osborne to Carol Shinall, William Shinall, Whitney Warner, one lot, $97,300.

Jeffrey Ortlieb, Jessica Ortlieb to Red Door Investment Properties, one lot, $65,000.

Mildred Warren to Garbry Road Estates, a part lot, $62,500.

Jonathan Stevens, Rebekah Stevens, Rita Stevens, Rebekah Vagedes to Ansleigh Spradlin, one lot, $89,900.

Estate of Robert Monroe to Marianna Dulin, Douglas Monroe, a part lot, $0.

Joseph Elliot to Eric Baumann, Jeri Baumann, a part lot, $40,000.

Andrew Miller, Brenda Miller, Brench Welch to Christopher Proffit, Kristina Proffit, a part lot, $82,000.

Diana Hall, Jeffrey Hall to Andrew Miller, Brenda Miller, one lot, $123,500.

Estate of Hank Gambill Jr., Samantha Hartzell, administrator to Terry Stamper, one part lot, $35,000.

Sharon Espey, Lonnie Hamilton, Sharon Hamilton, to Lonnie Hamilton, Sharon Hamilton, $0.

Anthony Hickman, Emma Hickman, Emma Rife to Deanna Hartley, Shawn Hartley, one lot, $0.

Evada Toon, Roger Toon to Laurel Allen, one lot, $234,900.

Amanda Voisard, Travis Voisard to David High, Tia High, one lot, $110,000.

Lauren Graham, Lauren Rudy to Jack Pleasant, two part lots, $4,000.

Darby Allen, Derek Allen to Evada Toon, Roger Toon, one lot, $129,900.

Angela Lonyo, MIchael Lonyo to James Hale, a part lot, $30,000.

Kelly Alexander Clark to Lauren McGraw, Trey Pruitt, a part lot, $137,000.

Paul Burger to Beverly Burger, Paul Burger, $0.


Estate of Dwight Fout, Kevin Fout co-executor, Cheryl Smith, co-executor to Jane Mangen, one lot, $127,000.

Ryan Miller to Jordan Mays, Atheena Parks, one lot, $88,000.


Daniel Cross, Wanda Cross to AR Castro Properties, one lot, $60,000.


Farver Rental Properties to Brian Hamilton, a part lot, $83,000.

Betsy Schaurer, Daniel Schaurer to Matthew Larger, Amanda Luebke, one lot, $138,000.

Jase Ltd. to Isaiah Winston, a part lot, $134,900.

Gregory Fraley, Heather Fraley to Penny Elmore, Phillip Elmore, two lots, $149,000.


Heidi Peak, Herbert Peak III to Allison Doolittle, Matthew Doolittle, two lots, $265,000.

Sharon Brenner to Jacqueline Shea, two lots, $179,900.

Wenrick Family Limited Partnership to Velma Blackburn, Robert Blackburn, two lots, $355,000.

Dennis Wooten, Jackie Wooten to Christina Fultz, Travis Fultz, two lots, $313,500.

Alexander Earley, Chelsee Earley to Alexander Earley, Chelsee Earley, two lots, $0.

Christopher York, Stephanie York to Sean Dotson, Tiffany Dotson, two lots, $310,000.

Daniel Schreier, Elizabeth Schreier to David Moses, two lots, $285,000.


Team Scenna Rentals to Broadway Rental Properties Limited, one lot, $180,000.

Gerald Huber to Gerald Huber, Renee Huber, one lot, $0.

Up North Construction Ltd. to Lauren Peeples, a part lot, $225,000.

Jessica Crick, Jessica Matelski, Nicholas Matelski to Jessica Matelski, Nicholas Matelski, one lot, $0.

James Kenny, Margaret Kenny to Anna Wasson, Cory Wasson, one lot, $210,000.

Amy Windeknecht, Eric Windeknecht to N.P. Dodge, trustee, $690,000.

N.P Dodge Jr., trustee to Daniel Dilworth, Mariam Dilworth, one lot, $690,000.

Emelda Rose to Joel Timmer, two lots, $0.

Darlene Nartker, trustee, William Nartker, trustee, Nartker Revocable Living Trust to Virginia Blatterman, William Blatterman, one lot, $490,000.


Della Arnett, Douglas Arnett, Della Marti to Corey Arnett, Jonathan Fleck, one lot, $140,000.

Angela Luedeke, Jason Luedeke to Faith Renner, one lot, $107,000.


John Horn, Roberta Horn to Paula Locke, $90,000.

Estate of Thomas Ellis to Bethany Cooper, Aerin Donthiner, $0.

Roy Bennett, Wanda Bennett to Lisa Mahaffy, Paul Mahaffy, $191,900.

David Long and Cynthia Long Revocable Living Trust, Cynthia Long, trustee to Aaron Horn, Bethany Horn, 6.096 acres, $440,000.


Patricia Springer, Steven Springer to Deborah Reid, 0.507 acre, $0.


Michelle Rhodes, Ryan Rhodes to John Smith, Wendy Smith, one lot, $289,900.

John Subler, Susan Subler to Amita Snyder, Kurt Snyder, one lot, $299,000.

Jennifer White to James White, 0.836 acres, $0.

Bradley Calhoun, Gay Calhoun to Timothy Owens,one lot, $180,000.

Estate of Leanne Bradley to Mary Jo Leonard, 0.52 acre, 0.047 acre, $0.


James Widener, Peggy Widener to James Widener, Peggy Widener, $0.


Craig Huffaker, Denise Huffaker to Craig Huffaker, trustee, Huffaker Trust, 2.309 acres, $0.


Allana Deaton, Chad Deaton to Deborah Dolley, Evan Dolley Jr., one lot, $280,000.

Debra Van Horn, Steven Van Horn to Susan Hammond, Timothy Hammond, 2.0 acres, $268,000.


Alexandra Fortner, Alexander Olds to Dylan Forner, 2.0 acres, $0.

Dale Davis, trustee, Elizabeth Warner Declaration Trust, John Warner Declaration of Trust to Newberry Township board of trustees, 10.1 acres, $0.

Dennis Fry, Melanie Fry, attorney in fact, Allen Worley, Gregory Yoder, Maureen Yoder, attorney in fact to Luanne Leistner, $60,000.


Darrell Snipes, Wilma Snipes to Darrell Snipes, Wilma Snipes, $0.

Renee Waag, Terry Waag to Robert Vanderhorst, 3.636 acres, 0.747 acre, $280,000.

James Abrams, Linda Abrams to Angel Robinson, Benjamin Woolery, 16.8987 acres, $165,000.


Douglas Wilson, Karina Wilson to Kevin Wick, one lot, $193,500.


Louis Earls Jr., Myrna Earls to Myrna Earls, $0.


Gayle Rowell to Vicki Petry, Lacey Sauer, 0.725 acre, $72,000.