Mural headed to Tipp City Public Library

TIPP CITY — The Tipp City Public Library will be getting a mural painting on its building in the alleyway between the library and the Coldwater Cafe.

Tipp City Public Library Director Lisa Santucci on Monday told the Tipp City Council that work is beginning on the mural project that has been in discussion.

The mural will be on the back portion of the alley encompassing from the side library doorway to the back of the building, and it will be roughly 37 feet and not too visible from Main Street.

“This is new. This is something different for downtown,” Santucci said. “We are very committed to the downtown.”

The purpose of the mural is not only to beautify that space, but also to attract more people to the downtown.

“It’s like a love letter to Tipp City,” Santucci said.

“It is also a community input project,” Santucci said. The library will be encouraging people to send in words about what the library means to them. Those words will then be incorporated into the design of the mural, which has not yet been released.

“These words will be vetted and reviewed,” Santucci said. She said the library will allowing people to stand in the mural and have their picture taken with the goal of “the person becomes part of the mural.”

“The theme is see yourself in Tipp,” Santucci said.

Santucci added a muralist who is also a Tipp City graduate, Atalie Gagnet, has signed on to do the mural. For more information about Gagnet, visit her website at

Mayor Joe Gibson asked if there would be public unveiling for mural. Santucci said they had previously planned for a public unveiling to take place during the Mum Festival, which has since been canceled.

“We’re working on a September release depending upon the muralist’s schedule,” Santucci said.

Santucci added the library will be seeking donations to help offset the cost of the mural due to the library’s funding being cut due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She explained the library receives funding through sales taxes, and those have dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic.