MCPD dedicates benches

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Park District held a bench dedication at one of two new benches installed along the bike path between Troy and Piqua.

The Miami County Solid Waste District donated two benches made from recycled materials to the Park District for placement along the Great Miami River Recreational Trail. The Park District was selected due the similarities in their mission conservation.

“The Solid Waste District has the ability to echo this message and to further drive the protection of natural resources by reiterating Reduce, Reuse and, Recycle. When considering a group that would have the ability to aid in targeting our audience, it made perfect sense for our district to promote our message with a group of environmental stewards like the Miami County Park District,” said Brad Petry, Miami County Solid Waste coordinator.

The benches promote recycling and feature the Solid Waste District’s web addresses. The benches are located north of Eldean Road along the stretch of the path near the Twin Arch Reserve Pond and an area along the path that passes near the front of the Miami County Transfer Station. According to Petry, when scouting locations for the benches, the Solid Waste District worked with the Park District in finding a flood resistant location that provided shade. This particular stretch of the path did not have many places for seating previously.

“We are very grateful that people and organizations look to the Park District to donate things that benefit the people of Miami County. Solid Waste does a great service to the community and to partner with an organization like that was an easy decision to make,” said J. Scott Myers, executive director of the Miami County Park District.

The concrete pads for the benches were paid for with funds from the Barbara Sharkey Shook Bikeway Enhancement fund at the Troy Foundation.