COVID-19 deaths total 33 in county

By Melody Vallieu

Miami Valley Today

MIAMI COUNTY — Another Miami County resident is confirmed to have died from the coronavirus, bringing the county’s total to 33 total deaths.

The death announced on Tuesday, the 32nd death, was a 90-year-old female was in a nursing home who passed away on July 13, according to Vicky Knisley-Henry of Miami County Public Health (MCPH).

“The delay in reporting comes from the lag in time of death from when the death certificate is filed with the doctor,” Knisley-Henry said.

Information on the latest death, the 33rd, learned of on Wednesday, is not yet available, Knisley-Henry said. Previous to the two most recent deaths, no deaths had been reported since late June.

As of Wednesday, Miami County has a total of 599 total cases — 433 confirmed and 166 probable, Knisley-Henry said.

Of the confirmed cases:

• 78 — Reside in long term care facilities

• 76 — Are healthcare workers

• 279 — Are considered community spread cases

Of the 166 probable cases for COVID-19:

• 84 — Reside in long term care facilities

• 46 — Are healthcare workers

• 36 — Are community spread

There have been a total of 66 hospitalizations in the county and nine new hospitalizations since July 1.

In Ohio, there are a total of 78,742 cases and a total of 3,235 deaths. On Wednesday, the state recorded the second highest daily rate of new cases in the past 24 hours, 1,527, since the beginning of the pandemic. There have been 9,864 total deaths in the state, six of which were reported in the 24-hour period from Tuesday to Wednesday. Ohioans presumed recovered from COVID-19 are 54,426 people.

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