TCS to use ‘ABC’ plan for school year

TROY — Troy City Schools released its proposed “ABC” plan for the 2020-2021 school year on Tuesday. The plan was presented last week and will seek board approval on Thursday.

The district’s expected start date has been moved from Aug. 19 to Tuesday, Sept. 8. The district released three ways to review its plan: an instructional video, a slideshow and a full copy of the district’s blueprint for reopening the schools. All can be found on the district’s website at and social media pages.

The district will adapt to the changes of the pandemic relating to the state’s risk-level system, which was put in place earlier this month.

● A – Level 1 (Yellow) — All students in school daily following operational guidelines.

● A – Level 2 (Orange) — All students in school daily following increased operational guidelines.

● B – Level 3 (Red) — Blended model with students divided into Red Group and Gray Group, reporting on designated days of instruction with more strict operational guidelines, including required temperature checks as students enter the building.

● C – Level 4 (Purple) – Remote learning for all students.

A “Blended School Week” will divide students into two staggered groups with Red Group attending Mondays and Tuesdays, Wednesdays All Trojans will use online learning, and Gray Group attending Thursdays and Fridays. Parents will be informed which group their children are in and which days they will attend in this model prior to the start of the school year. All children in a household would be in the same group.

All students will be provided a Chromebook that will be used both at school and home for distance learning. The district will use the Canvas learning system that will have each student’s learning materials online and will be centrally located.

Students and families that do not wish to send their child to school due to the risk of exposure or other circumstances will have access to online learning materials through the “Troy Online Academy,” which will be facilitated by a Troy City Schools teacher.

Daily health assessments include: students and teachers must take their temperatures before leaving home each school day. Temperatures above 100 degrees should stay home and contact health officials. A student at school with symptoms will be required to wear a face covering and be separated from others until they are picked up from school by a parent or guardian.

Mask requirements and return to school post-COVID-19 diagnosis

• Per the Ohio Department of Education guidelines, staff members are required to wear face coverings unless they work in an isolated area or provide documentation. Face shields may be used in some settings if communication with students may be impacted, such as working with students with disabilities.

• Students K-2 will be encouraged to wear masks or face coverings as much as possible.

• Students in grades 3-12 are required to wear face coverings in all common areas of the school and on school buses. They are also required to wear face coverings in classrooms and areas outside the building whenever 6 feet of social distancing cannot be maintained.

If a student should be diagnosed with COVID-19, that student will be able to return to school when: three days with no fever without medication; and other symptoms improves; and 10 days since symptoms first appeared. Students and staff with only the fever and no other symptoms as well as no contact with a person with COVID-19 can return to school after they are fever-free for 24 hours without medication.

Upon return to school by a parent, not on a bus, the student will be assessed by a nurse. Staff may be required to provide documentation from a physician to return to work. Miami County Public Health will determine who will be quarantined and the duration.

More details regarding this plan will be addressed following board approval on Thursday.