Letter: Reader advocates for President Trump

To the Editor:

For the last several years, I have heard the President called everything but a child of God. If he were the idiot, bumbler, and lacking in sense or reason, as some short-sighted people have called him, how on earth has he been able to amass the amount of money he managed to earn over the years? Or, for that matter, how was he able to defeat the best that the Republican Establishment had to put up against him in the primaries, then win nearly all of the fly over country, and the General Election? True, Ms. Clinton was a weak candidate, unlikeable, arrogant, and in poor health, but he is not a Washington politician, and people were tired of the same old line being fed to them! No Washington politician could have had the intestinal fortitude to stand up the little Korean Dictator. He hasn’t been in the news much, has he? The last three Presidents simply pumped millions of dollars into his account then declared a sort of victory, that was meaningless.

Look at the trade deals there were in place when he took office. All of them were bad deals for us. He renegotiated them. Why couldn’t the pros do that? He is called a liar. Perhaps he is, but then, so was Mr. Obama, Mr. Clinton, who even went so far as to lie under oath, but neither suffered the abuse that President Trump has lived with since before he even took office. As for Mr. Trump being a Nazi, racist, his record shows that he is not. As for the coming celection, he may not be the best choice the country has to offer, but he is the best choice of those who will be on the ballot! It wasn’t until Mr. Obama was leaving office that jobs started coming back, and then, until the COVID-019 virus came along, our economy and job market was the best in many years. The National News Media has followed the Democrat party line and reported every false claim the Party came up with, from the phony Russian Dossier, to the lynching of General Flynn, who has now been vindicated. The FBI as well as the DOJ under the Obama Administration nearly got away with destroying him, and they did manage to bankrupt him. Hopefully, they will pay for their crimes, but that is highly doubtful, especially if the Democrat is elected President this year.

— Tom Fenner