Trump is not a patriot

To the Editor:

To be a patriot is for one to vigorously support their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. Donald Trump did not do his patriotic duty and betrayed us and his oath of office when he stated on the world stage that he believed Russia’s Putin instead of trusting and believing his own US intelligence agencies when Putin denied any interference in our 2016 presidential elections. Trump has repeatedly called the pandemic virus an invisible enemy that we are at war against and called himself a war time president, and yet has done nothing to defend the American people against this enemy from its very beginnings, costing thousands of patriotic American lives. He has repeatedly exacerbated the problem and hindered our recovery by ignoring the advice of his medical experts on how to stop the spread of this insidious disease. He has encouraged states to reopen their economies even though none have met the qualifying guidelines as set forth by the CDC.

His nonsensical (ridiculously impractical, ill advised) and irrational (not logical or practical) Fourth of July political rallies that did not mandate social distancing or masks be worn is further proof of his total disregard to practice and follow the health and safety guidelines of his own administration. His claim that 99 percent of COVID-19 infections are harmless did not address the extreme suffering or the deaths caused by the virus that currently stands at 133,000. How many deaths are you willing to accept Mr. President in exchange for an improving economy and your selfish political aspirations over the wellbeing of our citizenry?

He has been made aware of Russia paying bounty money to the Taliban terrorist organization in Afghanistan to kill United States military personnel, but to date has taken no action or made any statements to protect or defend our troops faithfully fulfilling their military duties in extremely dangerous foreign countries. They cannot be confident that the president has their backs.

One of the most beautiful qualities a person can possess is kindness. True Christians, rarely express bitterness, wrath, or anger and instead of being defensive, and demeaning they are kind and compassionate with a forgiving attitude. The heart of kindness is a humble Christ like attitude. This is not Donald Trump, who doesn’t exhibit any form of kindness. He professes to be a Christian but does not speak or act like a man of God. Please pray for him and the USA. We are all in deep trouble. Remember to vote!

— Chuck Petty