Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Stonebridge Meadows LLC to NVR Inc., one lot, $61,000.

Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak, Daniel Kerce to Philip Alspaugh, Rachel Alspaugh, two part ltos, $28,000.

Gloria Plant, Raymond Plant, power of attorney to Diane Cline, Philip Cline, $100,000.

3 Gen D LLC to Sandy Booher, Tim Booher, one lot, $90,900.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Victoria Bowman Smoke, Chris Smoke, one lot, $538,000.

Sue Parker to Allen Reif, Deborah Reif, two lots, $262,300.

M-D Investments Inc. to City of Troy, a part lot, $0.

S.M. O’Neal Construction to Gaye Szabo, Richard Szabo, $352,100.

Maria Kowalski, Tadeusz Kowalski to Sukminder Singh, one lot, $318,000.

Estate of Mebel Francis to Arthur Workman, one lot, $45,000.

Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak, Leslie Bowman to Paul Etter, one lot, $18,500.

David Chiasson, Karen Chiasson to Kalista Hill, oen lot, $119,900.


Carla Stamper, Terry Stamper, Tony Stamper to Terry Stamper, $0.

John Weigel III to Alexander Federinko, Jessica Federinko, a part lot, $129,900.

National Default Real Estate to One Life Property Solutions, a part lot, $29,900.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust, JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, Nomura Asset Acceptance Corp., PHH Mortgage Corp. to National Default Real Estate Services, a part lot, $21,400.

Daniel Pierron to Daniel Pierron Turst, $0.

Deborah Hill, trustee, Kiser Irrevocable Trust to Cecilia Walls, a part lot, $59,900.

Christy Real Estate to Cody Tullis, one lot, $105,000.


Patricia Reeves, Jesse Wilson to Jesse Wilson, $0.

NVR Inc. to Brent Small, Heather Small, one lot, $325,000.

Michael Miller to Abigail Harris, a part lot, $135,000.


Tanya Kingrey, William Kingrey to 69 Walnut LLC, one lot, $0.


NVR Inc. to Bryan Bittner, two lots, $294,600.

Kimberly Davenport, Robert Davenport II to Kelly Tussey, two lots, $255,000.

Frank Felaez, Nathalia Pelaez to Eric Dibartollmeo, Wendi Dibartolomeo, two lots, $292,900.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $52,600.


Estate of Joseph Sturgill to Stephanie Sturgill, a part lot, $0.


J and A Homes LLC to Sylvia Logan, Terry Logan, one lot, $315,000.


Matthew Biggs, Pamela Biggs to Dawn Leonard, James Leonard, 2.0 acres, $299,900.

John Jess, Lou Ann Jess to Chris Carrington, Julie Knott, $143,700.


Estate of Russell Heintz, Dale Heintz, executor to Kristine Byrd, Timothy Byrd, 35.049 acres, $255,000.

Kelly Turner to Elizabeth Rench, Tyler Rench, 10.018 acres, $295,000.


Aimee Applegate, Matthew Applegate to Marcus Lewis, $154,900.


Jeff Sturgeon to Jeff Sturgeon, Kathleen Sturgeon, $0.

John Stewart to J.E. Stewart Properties, 77.6905 acres, $0.

Jennifer Lade, attorney in fact, Nancy Lauber to Derek McCuistion, 0.706 acre, $55,000.


Roland Kellar Jr., Tecla Powell, Tecla Kellar to City of Piqua, $0.

Cheryl Reichman to Christopher Mooreman, Kiara Moorman, 1.649 acres, $285,000.