Dayton man sentenced for cocaine sales

MIAMI COUNTY — A Dayton man will spend more than a year in prison for trafficking cocaine.

Dwayne Alston, 34, plead guilty to three counts of trafficking cocaine, one fourth-degree felony and two fifth-degree felonies. Alston appeared in Miami County Common Pleas Court with Judge Stacy Wall presiding.

Alston provided a drug screen before sentencing, which was positive for marijuana and a trace amount of cocaine. Alston admitted he used marijuana the night before “calm my nerves” prior to the outcome of Monday’s sentencing hearing. Judge Wall asked Alston if he was under the influence of drugs several times during the hearing. Alston said he closed his eyes because he hadn’t slept and was “just stressing” about his sentencing hearing.

Prior to sentencing, Alston was found to have been selling the cocaine while in drug treatment.

Judge Wall noted Alston did not have a GED or diploma. When asked about his employment, Alston said he liked working on automobiles. He also said he towed cars, albeit illegally because he didn’t have a driver’s license. Judge Wall noted his 24 driving under suspension citations among other drug-related offenses.

“You chose drug trafficking as the job to support your family,” she said.

Wall sentenced Alston to serve 14 months in prison for the fourth-degree felony drug trafficking charge and 12 months for each of the fifth-degree felonies. The sentences will run concurrent with a 14-month sentence maximum. He was also ordered to pay $450 to the Piqua Police Department for drug analysis.

• A West Milton man was sentenced to serve five years of community control for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor on Monday. John Wheelock, 20, was also labeled a Tier II sex offender. He must register with the county he resides for the next 25 years every 180 days.

Wheelock was remorseful and submitted a letter to the court addressed to the victim, a 14-year-old female at the time of the offense, and her family.

Wheelock said, “I’ll forever regret my actions,” when he addressed the court. The victim was a friend of a family member whom Wheelock knew for three years. Judge Wall recounted the events where the two exchanged SnapChat pictures and chats, up to 50 photos a day. The victim spent the night at the home and went to Wheelock’s room where they engaged in consensual sexual activity to which Judge Wall said should not have occurred since she was a minor and he was an adult.

“You can not do this with a 14 year old,” she said. Judge Wall also noted both Wheelock’s and the victim’s statements were nearly identical in the pre-sentence investigation report.

Wheelock must complete a mental health assessment and seek treatment. He is to have no contact with the victim by any means. Judge Wall reserved 18 months in prison if he fails to complete the terms of community control.