COVID-19 death reported in county

By Melody Vallieu

Miami Valley Today

MIAMI COUNTY – Miami County is reporting a COVID-19 death in the county, the first in more than a month.

This death, a male in his 80s, not related to a long-term care facility, is believed to have passed away late last week, according to Miami County Public Health’s (MCPH) Vicky Knisley-Henry.

The last coronavirus-related deaths in the county were reported on May 14 when two SpringMeade residents lost their battle with the virus.

This brings the county to 31 total COVID-19 deaths, according to Vicky Knisley-Henry.

Knisley-Henry said the county also has recorded 13 new COVID-19 cases and one new hospitalization since Friday. This brings the total number of COVID-19 cases for Miami County to 431 with 57 hospitalizations.

Knisley-Henry said many states are reporting increased COVID-19 cases, especially in the age group for those 20-29, and Miami County also is seeing an increase in positive COVID-19 cases for this age group.

“So far in the month of June, Miami County has seen the number of cases for this age group more than double,” Knisley-Henry said. “While persons in this age group may have less severe symptoms, they still have the ability to spread the virus to others and those who are more vulnerable.”

She said MCPH staff would like to remind everyone about the importance of best safety practices. Be cautious, limit social gatherings, practice safe social distancing of at least 6 feet and wear a mask/face covering to help limit the spread of the virus, she said.

“Most importantly, if you are sick or if someone in your home is sick, please stay home and do not attend social gatherings,” Knisley-Henry said.