The idiocy of Donald Trump

To the Editor:

The Mirriam-Webster definition of the word idiocy is as follows: Extremely stupid behavior, notably stupid or foolish-madness-lunacy-insanity. The definition for inept is as follows: Not suitable to the time and place-unfit-bungling- lacking sense or reason-generally incompetent. This accurately describes the personality and mental state of the man currently the leader of the free world, and reminiscent of a man of insanity from the past: Adolf Hitler.

The threat to the USA, our democracy, freedoms and liberty is not Russia and Putin, nor North Korea and Kim Jung-Un, nor China and Xi Jinping. The real and present danger sits in the White House as Donald Trump. The American Psychiatric Association classifies Trump as suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. He exhibits a preoccupation with power, prestige, and vanity. This condition is also characterized by exploitative behavior to achieve personal gain, exaggeration of skills, and accomplishments and intolerance of the views of others. Pathological narcissism personalities insult others constantly and cannot tolerate criticisms. He is also characterized as a sociopath and pathological liar with repeated lying, and manipulation of others with aggressiveness and consistent irresponsibility. American mental health professionals have long warned us Trump exhibits signs of clinical insanity and we haven’t listened.

In September 2017, a mere eight months in office, 60,000 mental health professionals crafted and signed a petition stating that he has serious mental illness and requested Congress remove him from office, according to article four of the 25th amendment to the constitution that states the president will be replaced if he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. That call has gone unheeded in Congress where Republicans habitually turn a blind eye to Trump’s insanities.

Politifact named Trump the winner of its annual “lie of the Year” award in 2015 with 72 percent of Trump’s public remarks about factual circumstances as false. To date there has been in excess of 18,000 documented and proven lies from this mentally disturbed despot.

Is this who we want as our president? I hope not. I pray not. A June 4 poll showed that only 26 percent of the respondents viewed the US going in the right direction. Most people now understand what we have is not what we want or need as our leader. Do your patriotic/civic duty and vote in November to remove this sick man from office.

— Chuck Petty